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Product Details
Ceramic core leaching autoclave
Ceramic core leaching autoclave
Ceramic core leaching autoclave
Ceramic core leaching autoclave
Ceramic Core Leaching Autoclave

The Ceramic Core Leaching Autoclave is designed for removing the silica-based ceramic cores. We have delivered many sets of core leaching autoclave to the aerospace turbine blades manufacturers all over the world. Except for the ceramic core leaching autoclave, we also can customize the core leaching autoclave for aluminum core.
The core leaching autoclave is widely used in high end precision castings manufacturing, and turns to be the most important core equipment during the investment casting.

Key features
• Efficiency : FUGE core leaching autoclave completes core leaching within several hours
• Safety : FUGE core leaching autoclave has no caustic liquid and air leaking to ensure the safety of environment and operator during its running .
• Stability : FUGE core leaching autoclave uses international brand key parts to ensure the reliable and stable running.
• Saving cost: FUGE core leaching autoclave use caustic and water circulating system aims to save costs.
• APC: FUGE core leaching autoclave is easy to operate and maintain through Siemens PLC control system and “FUGE” Advanced control technology.
• Telecommunication: FUGE core leaching autoclave has remote monitoring system facilitates the diagnosis and maintenance of the autoclave .

Parameter list
2Diameter600mm750 mm1065mm
3Depth 1200mm1200 mm1800mm
4Effective working diameter 520mm700 mm990mm
5Effective working depth1000mm1000 mm1400mm
6Maximum design pressure10 bar10bar10bar
7Normal working pressure 6 bar6 bar6 bar
8Control system Siemens PLCSiemens PLC Siemens PLC
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