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Automatic CNC wire mesh welding machine
Automatic CNC wire mesh welding machine
Product Description:

This equipment adopts synchronous control technology,separate-phase welding and welding time is composed of digital programming of PLC system .There are two kinds of tablet PC input panel,One kind is touch panel ,another is Keyboard .The operation is more intelligent and rationalization.The machine can press the panel tightly once , and weld by several times .
On the same panel,this machine can weld 30 kinds of different size of meshs between weft and weft.That is the biggest advantages of this machine.
The machine adopts new type of high efficient welding transformer ,greatly expand the scope of welding diameters.(This fully automatic wire mesh welding machine has high degree of automation, the same time reduce a lot of manual operation).

1.Cross wire feeding way: drop from cross wire hopper automatically,position of drop wire is accurately.

2..Mesh panel pulling way:adopt the serve motor, pull the panel back and forth ,pneumatic lock the cross wire,ensure position is accurate.

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