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Used Polar 66E paper guillotine for sale. Equipment / Additional information: Year 1997 Program memory for 99 programs Safety barriers, 2 x reserve knife with safety inspection Location print shop Germany Avaliable immediatelly.
BrandPolarTagspolar, guillotine
Year 2005 Colors: 2+0 Format: 320 x 540 mm Counter: 45 Mio. DDS dampening system Baldwin Location print shop Germany.
BrandHeidelbergTagsPM 52-2
Paper Labels, Cutting - Label Printing - Persian Label.
BrandTactaTagsPaper Label
Support solutions for the SD160 card printer featuring rewritable printing, inline magnetic stripe encoding, a unique ultraviolet (UV) printing security feature and intuitive opera...
BrandData Card PrinterTagsData Card ID Card PVC Card Printer
Sbarco T43R it is textile printer it can print on satin taffeta and stickers it can gives you 10 to 15 thousand labels per day depending upon your labels sizes.
BrandCare label PrinterTagsCare/wash Labels printer
Laminated Plastic BagsSingle Layer Plastic BagsBiodegradable Material BagsLDPE/HDPE Shopping BagsVarious of type bags: include Food packaging, Garment packaging, Fishing Lure Pouches, Animal Food packaging, Sanitary products packaging, etc.
BrandDingxinTagsPlastic Packaging Bag, Laminated Plastic Bags, Single Layer Plastic Bags, Biodegradable material Bags, LDPE/HDPE Shopping Bags, Various of type bags, Various of usage bags
Excellent printabilityFast curingGood gloss, high colour strengthViscosity properties fit for flexo printingLow odourOptimal resistance properties will be obtained 24 hours after printingFormulated without benzophenoneFormulated with ITX.
BrandSEVENACETagsUV INKS, flexo plate, letterpress plate, water washable plate, inks control system
◆ Water washable, Environment◆ Inks average, good quality◆ Sharper dot, deeper reverse image, and finer image reproduction◆ Excellent printing durability◆ Simple plate-making, exposure time.
BrandSEVENACETagswater washable letterpress plate, letterpress plate, ctp, flex plate, inks,
Positive Printing plates, Positive Offset Printing Plates.
BrandSSTagsPS, CTcP, CTP, Thermal Plates
Cylinder ink washing machines is coming!Features:1. Suitable for anilox roller (with shaft/sleeve type), gravure cylinder (Hollow/shaft)2. Suitable for all types of inks, coating media.
BrandYUBOTagsink washing,gravure cylinder,anilox roller,wash machine
Product ApplicationElectro-plating line series include washing machine, nickel plating machine, copper plating machine, chrome plating machine, dechrome machines, degreasing machines.
BrandYUBOTagselectroplating line,gravure cylinder, pre-press
Product ApplicationDe-chrome is an important process in gravure cylinder plate making. De-chrome machine is used to de-chroming .If you have cylinders still in production, where th...
BrandYUBOTagsdechrome,dechroming,gravure cylinder, de-chrome
Coating thickness Tester :Usage : for measurement the plating layer thickness of rotogravure cylinder.
BrandYUBOTagsthickness tester , gravure copper plating,copper layer
Hot Melt Glue for AutomobileHot Melt AdhesiveCHARACTERISTICSOdorless under room temperature, less odor and VOCs at high temperatureGood bonding strength and initial tackExcellent t...
BrandWINXTagsHot Melt Glue for Automobile
Hot Melt Adhesive for Insulation PadHot Melt AdhesiveCHARACTERISTICSGood bonding strength, excellent initial tackLong open time, medium setting timeHigh-temperature resistance up t...
BrandWINXTagsHot Melt Adhesive for Insulation Pad
Hot Melt Adhesive for Box MakingHot Melt AdhesiveCHARACTERISTICSEasy to spray, good initial tack and bonding strengthShort open time, medium setting timeExcellent temperature resis...
BrandWINXTagsHot Melt Adhesive for Box Making
Paper Rope Handle Hot Melt GlueHot Melt AdhesivePaper Bag Sealing Hot Melt GlueCHARACTERISTICSGood flowability and good operabilityLess odor, less VOCsFIELDS OF APPLICATIONMainly u...
BrandWINXTagsPaper Bag Sealing Hot Melt Glue
Hot Melt Packaging AdhesiveHot Melt AdhesiveHot Melt Adhesive Used for Toys, Hot Melt Adhesive for Box MakingCHARACTERISTICSGood bonding strengthLess odor, less VOCsFIELDS OF APPLI...
BrandWINXTagsHot Melt Adhesive Used for Toys, Hot Melt Adhesive for Box Making
Box Positioning Hot Melt AdhesiveHot Melt AdhesiveCHARACTERISTICSGood flowability and bonding strengthShort setting timeFIELDS OF APPLICATIONMainly used for bonding of common corru...
BrandWINXTagsBox Positioning Hot Melt Adhesive
Hot Melt Side Glue for Laminated CoverHot Melt AdhesiveCHARACTERISTICSGood flowability and bonding strengthLess odor, less VOCsFIELDS OF APPLICATIONBinding at both book spine and s...
BrandWINXTagsHot Melt Side Glue for Laminated Cover