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Product Details
EAGER-MB165C/EAGER-MB180C Graders are a hinged self-propelled grader, suitable for large-scale ground leveling work in foundation constructions, it can also be used for ditching, slop scraping, soil bulldozing and scarifying, snow removal etc., which is the modernized construction equipment of multi-functions and high-efficiency for highway, railway, airport, harbor, dam, industrial ground and farmland.
Cummins inter-cooled turbocharged diesel engine or SDEC D6114ZG supercharged engine as dynamic configuration, with powerful and reliable performance.
Use German technology produced torque converter and transmission integrated together. Six forward gears and three backward gears meet various driving conditions during grader operating and transporting.
Built-in NO-SPIN jaw type integrated free-wheel anti-slip differential and heavy duty roller chain drive balance box, box type oscillated steering front axle with leaned wheels.
Popular working mechanism with swing-arm connecting rod structure,Standard equipped maintenance-free disc rotary device. Double-sided blade scraper made of high strength abrasion resistant material, double cylinder control shoveling angle can be different according to soil hardness to control the angle of the blade.
Two sets of five imported HUSCO control valve, convenient and sensitive hydraulic operating system, imported blade lift hydraulically balanced valve, the unique hydraulic pin pulling device is originated in China.
Steering system with central hinge mechanism and tilting turning front wheels can achieve the entire machine crab-moving.
The accumulator brake system and high efficient four wheel spot-type disc braker, also equipped with internal expanding shoe type parking brake.
Dual diagonal appearance with whole metal hood, can meet the standard requirements of 1m*1m visible distance.
Electro-hydraulic operated with entire instrumental monitoring system, Sweden OPTIMA maintenance-free battery.
It is optional for front bulldozing plate and rear ripper.

Technical Parameters
Operation mass 15000kg 16000kg
Front axle load 4510kg 5150kg
Rear axle load 10850kg 10850kg
Max. forward speed 40.4km/h 38.2km/h
Max. backward speed 25.7km/h 24.5km/h
Speed gear number F6/R3 F6/R3
Turning radius 7500mm 7800mm
Hydraulic system pressure 18Mpa 18Mpa
Blade length×height 3965mm×610mm 3965mm×610mm
Front wheel-track 2150mm 2150mm
Rear wheel-track 2340mm 2340mm
Wheelbase 6362mm 6362mm
Engine model 6BTA5.9 6BTA5.9
Engine power 125kw 132kw
Overall dimensions 9585mm×2790mm×3340mm 9585mm×2790mm×3340mm
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