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We offer a Wide range of Trigger Spray & Bottle Pumps, Which is available in different color and more can be customized as per the client’s request . Trigger spray bottles are ea...
BrandGeneral Plastic IndustriesTagsTrigger Spray & Bottle Pumps
Whether closures for bottles, screw caps for tubes as well as flip-top caps for home care, food and chemicals – General Plastic Industries provide intelligent solutions for Caps & Closures in Nepal.
BrandGeneral Plastic IndustriesTagsCaps And Closures
A 20 litre PET Water Jar & Dispenser offers any workplace an unlimited supply of safe drinking water by plumbing into your existing supply. So, Bottled jar water are an alternative way to provide instantly filtered water to your staff.
BrandGeneral Plastic IndustriesTags20 Litre PET Water Jar & Dispenser s
Below is our list of 5 Gallon / 20 litre PET Bottle & Dispenser Preforms with their Respective Weight, Neck Size, Neck Type & PurposeWeight (gms) Neck Size Neck Type Purpose325 120...
BrandGeneral Plastic IndustriesTags20 Litre PET Bottle Preforms & Dispenser Preforms
Below is our list of Wide Mouth PET Bottles with their Respective Neck size, storage capacity & purposeNeck Size Capacity (ML) Purpose46MM 5000 Distilled Water83MM 1600 Confectiona...
BrandGeneral Plastic IndustriesTagsWide Mouth PET Bottles
Weight(gms) Neck Size Neck Type Purpose80 46MM Long Neck Oil, Distillled Water, 5ltr Bottle14.5 53MM Wide Mouth JAR Honey, Ghee Etc17.5 53MM Wide Mouth JAR Honey, Ghee Etc34 83MM W...
BrandGeneral Plastic IndustriesTagsWide Mouth Preforms
Looking for recyclable and reusable High Quality PET Bottle Manufacturer And Supplier in Nepal. At General Plastic Industries we offer over 100+ designs of bottles and jars made from PET.
BrandGeneral Plastic IndustriesTagsPET Bottles
If you are unable to decide whether you should choose price or whether you should choose quality, We are here to help you. General Plastic Industries provide intelligent solutions for PET Preform in Nepal.
BrandGeneral Plastic IndustriesTagsPET Preforms
We offer a wide range of PET Preforms, PET Bottles, PET Jars, PET Containers, PET Caps and Closures manufactured from excellent quality of PET. We provide our products to our customers at a price they appreciate.
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PET Preform for carbonated drink, juice and water in all neck sizes. Preform also available for milk product in 38 mm size and 13.5 gm weight.