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Product Details
PowerBrick Atom rugged mobile computer
The Acura PowerBrick ATOM™ fully-rugged mobile computer has been updated, including a faster processor, less consumption power, optional wireless module connection and other improvements.

Powered by new Intel® Atom™ Dual Core processor, the upgraded Acura PowerBrick ATOM™ delivers enhanced graphic and computing performance. Other improvements include dual independent display through DVI-I and HDMI connectors and 3 Watts less power consumption compared with previous Atom platform. The Acura PowerBrick ATOM™ support 9-36DC input in different power conditions like manufactory and machinery automations.

The PowerBrick ATOM™ is the perfect choice for industrial applications where space is limited. Weighing only two and a half pounds, this computer can fit in virtually any vehicle like crane, oil /gas /mining truck, or even helicopter. With dual display output, you can execute operation and surveillance simultaneously, helping you achieve maximum return on your technology investment. DIN rail mounting option allows you to mount the PowerBrick ATOM™ on the back of any of Acura monitors for maximum portability.

The PowerBrick ATOM™ is built to withstand vibration, dust, rain, temperature variations and humidity in the most challenging conditions to prevent any crash and corruption of OS.
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