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Pars Aluminium has gained huge appreciation in the international as well as in the domestic market for its excellent quality industrial products. We are noted casting manufacturer, supplier & exporter based in Iran.
BrandPars AluminiumTagsAluminium bronze, a356, adc12, Permanent mold casting
Magnetic Iron ore concentrate 66-68%packing: bulkDelivery term: FOBpayment term: TTquantity: 25000 MT per monthcontact 00989103025343.
BrandkimiamsTagsiron ore, iron ore concentrate, magnetic iron ore concentrate, magnetic iron ore, iron seller
kimia sepahan act to use of existing technical knowledge in company for laboratory extensive in Iran including karaj research and development center, Tehran university . in additio...
Brandkimia msTagsiron, iron ore, iron ore concentrate, mineral ore, magnetic iron ore
Walnut Shell Powder is a hard fibrous product in light yellow or brown with a wide range of applications which is made from walnut shells.The most important features of Walnut Shel...
BrandNikan WestTagswalnut shell powder
As Tubular Scaffolding (tube) is a core part of our business, we concentrate on producing high quality scaffolding tubes.
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Nikan West Gilsonite Mining and Trading Company is one of the leading Iranian exporters, traders, and producers of a wide range of products. Our mine, factory, and warehouses are l...
BrandNikan West GilsoniteTagsGilsonite, Gilsonite powder, Gilsonite lump, natural bitumen, natural asphalt, drilling mud
Ferro MolybdeneumMo:Min. 60%, 65%, 68%C: Max. 0.1%S: Max. 0.1%P: Max. 0.05%Cu: Max. 1.0%Size:10-60 (Min 90%)Packing: In 250 Kg Drums on the pallets.
BrandPASCOTagsferro molybdeneum
High Carbon Ferro ChromiumCr:Min. 60%C: 4.0% - 8.0%S: Max. 0.15%P: Max. 0.08%Si: Max. 1.5%Size:10-60 (Min 90%)Packing: In 1 Mt Jumbo bags.
BrandPASCOTagshigh carbon, ferro chrome
Our company is currently capable of producing three types of Gilsonite in different sizes according to the customer request. 1- Gilsonite micronized powder with a diameter of 80 to 400 mesh and ashes (between zero and 25 percent).
BrandNWGCTagsGilsonite,Natural Bitumen,Natural Asphalt,Mineral Tar,Mineral Pitch,Bitumen Powder,nikan west gilsonite
1- Re-melted Iranian Lead Ingots 99% with max 1% Dross content. 2- Re-melted Iraqi Lead Ingots 94% with min 5-7% Dross content.
BrandNoor MetalsTagsNon Ferrous Metals
Applications: • Agriculture • Paint production • Rubber industry • Cosmetic materials.
BrandMicaTagsthin mica sheet
Applications: • In agriculture (producing chemical fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide) • In horticulture • In building materials • In acoustic and thermal insulation.
BrandvermiculiteTagsexpanded vermiculite
The expanded Perlite benefiting from silicic firm constitution and abundant porosity has got a good resistance against both cold and heat and it applies as insulation in building industries, fireproof industries and iron melting.
BrandperliteTagsexpanded perlite
Stainless Steel, 1- Stainless Steel Scrap 304 2- Stainless Steel Scrap 316.
BrandNoorTagsNon Ferrous Metals
1- Re-melted Copper Ingots with purity 99% 2- Re-melted Copper Ingots with purity 98% 3- Re-melted Copper Ingots with purity 97%.
BrandNoorTagsNon Ferrous Metals
1- Re-melted Iranian Lead Ingots 99% with max 1% Dross content. 2- Re-melted Iraqi Lead Ingots 94% with min 5-7% Dross content.
BrandNoorTagsNon Ferrous Metals
Business Activity Range: Exporter/Importer Trading Company Buy/Sell in the Local Market Investment on Manufacturing of Lead / Copper / Zinc / Aluminum / Steel / Tin / Nickel projec...
BrandNoor MetalTagsAntimony Lead Ingots,ReMelted Lead Ingots,Copper Ingots,Zinc Ingots,Brass Ingots,Aluminum Tiles,Stainless Steel Scrap
Best quality , competitive price , punctuality is we are contender in it.
BrandNOORTagsNon Ferrous Metals
We are one of the leading exporter of non-ferrous metals in Iran and middle east, we have experience in this industry over 30 years as we have been active since 1975 .
BrandNoor MetalTagsAntimony Lead
We produce only naturally mined Bitumen. Our products are coming from hand mined shafts over 45 meters underground using pneumatic excavators and hammers. Our products then sized based on customer specifications.
BrandGilbitumTagsnatural bitumen