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Aluminum ingot for automobileAluminum ingot for remelting is produced by molten salt electrolysis method using alumina and cryolite. Products meet the national standard GB/T1196-2002.
BrandOuguanTagsAluminum ingot for automobile
Lead IngotLead Ingot for cable sheathing was wrapped by galvanized steel beltKey Specifications/Special Features:Item: Lead ingotSize : 645*128*90mmIngot Weight : 24kg±1kgLead Ing...
BrandOuguanTagsLead Ingot
Nikel Sheet 99.97%Nickel sheet metal Purity:99.97% minNickel sheet metal:Purity:99.97% min.Nickel metal piece ChinaColor: sliver white metalGrade: NI200, Ni201, N4, N6Density: 8.9g...
BrandOuguanTagsNikel Sheet
Cobalt Metal PieceCobalt Metal Piece High Quality Hot Sale 99.99% Pure Cobalt Metal PiecesKey Specifications/Special Features:Product name: cobalt plate for chemical engineeringMaterial: 99.
BrandOuguanTagsCobalt Metal Piece
Copper CathodeGross weight of each container: 22.20mts approx.Copper wire 99.95%1.purity 99.97%-99.99%2.Weight of each sheet: 125kgs (+/- 1%)3.Net weight of each pallet: 2mts (+/- 1%)4.
BrandOuguanTagsCopper Cathode
Copper Wire ScrapCheap copper scrap mill berry 99.9%, No.1 bright copper wire scrapIntroduction Copper Wire Scrap-Introduce: Cheap copper scrap mill berry 99.9%, No.1 bright copper...
BrandOuguanTagsCopper Wire Scrap
Zinc Alloy IngotZinc alloy ingot Zamak #2/#3/#5Zinc alloy ingot Zamak #2/#3/#5Molecular Formula: ZnZn (purity): 98.7%-99.995%Molecular Weight: 65.39Density: 7.14( g/cm3)Zinc alloy ...
BrandOuguanTagsZinc Alloy Ingot
Cadmium IngotCadmium Metal Ingot 99.995%/ Cd ingot 99.995%/ Cadmium ingot 99.995% Pure ingot with best priceCadmium IngotAtomic radius: 151 PMCAS NO. : 7440-43-9Covalent radius: 144 + 9 pmVan der Waals radius: 158 PMMolecular mass: 112.
BrandOuguanTagsCadmium Ingot
Aluminum Alloy IngotDue to many grades, please feel free to contact us if you want to know the detailed specification.Item: aluminum alloy ingotWeight: 6KGGrade: LYD112, ZLD101, ZL...
BrandOuguanTagsAluminum Alloy Ingot
Company details We are African Commodities Sarl, we are leading group in selling precious metals here in Africa, our product is best quality and cheaper price as well, we have mini...
Brand22.2+,93.5%purityTagsmetal & mineral
Arab Metals Company can supply Nickel Copper scrap, resist1, Inco, Monel, and Alloy 718 and others. www.arabmetals.com.eg.
BrandNickelTagsNickel Copper scrap
1.Purity grade: 4N,5N,6N; 2.Form: Rod, shot,piceces 3.Test Machine:ICP-Ms 4.More than 10years experiences 4, Application: It is mainly used in the manufacture of III-V compound semiconductor, such as InSb, Bi2Sb, GaSb etc.
Brandantimony ingotTagsalloy,germanium,silicon singlecrystal
Puirty: 99.9%min ,99.99%min,99.995min Origin: China Packing: 50kg/wooden carton Secondary Or Not: Non-secondary Place of Origin: Hebei China (Mainland) color: white Packaging & Del...
Brandcadmium ingotTagscadminumingot,battery,alloy
Name Electroanalysis Lead(1#) ANALYSIS RESULT Item Standard Result Lead(Pb) 99.994 99.9944 Antimony (Sb) 0.0008 0.0005 Arsenic (As) 0.0005 0.0004 Tin (Sn) 0.0005 0.0003 Copper (Cu) 0.
Brandlead inogtTagslead ingot
Lead ingots according to the chemical composition is divided into five grades: Pb99.994, Pb99.990, Pb99.985, Pb99.970, Pb99.940. Main application: mainly used in producing battery ...
BrandLZTagslead ingots
Properties of zinc ingot product: zinc is a silvery white metal, fresh section with a metallic luster, the crystallization of zinc as the hexahedron, soft, pure zinc is malleable, melting point of 419.
BrandLZTagszinc ingots
Magnesium is developed in the 20th centurys new light corrosion resistant metallic materials. magnesium application mainly in the production of magnesium alloy ,aluminum alloy ,ste...
BrandLZTagsmagnesium ingots
Antimony ingot mainly as alloy hardening agent used in the metallurgy. Batteries, and military industries, are also a raw material of antimony oxide. Antimony ingot is also used in the movable-type printing industry.
BrandLZTagsantimony ingots
Copper is related very closely to human and non-ferrous metals, have been widely used in electrical, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction industry, defense industr...
BrandLZTagselectrolytic copper
type Sn≥ chemical component % Impurity content ≤ % As Fe Cu Pb Bi Sb Cd Zn Al total Sn99.90 99.90 0.008 0.007 0.008 0.040 0.015 0.020 0.0008 0.001 0.001 0.1008 Sn99.95 99.95 0.003 0.
BrandLZTagstin ingots