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Flexible CouplingCatalog: qiaoshan.co/Coupling.pdf1001 Series Clay to Clay1002 Series Clay to Cast Iron or Plastic1003 Series Clay to Asbestos Cement Fibre or Ductile Iron1004 Seri...
BrandQSFTagsflexible, coupling, clay, cast iron, plastic, lead, steel, ductile iron
Bronze, Nickel Bronze, Stainless Steel Downspout Nozzle with No Hub and Thread Outlet for Roof Drainage Catalog: DN101 http://qiaoshan.co/DN101.pdf DN102 http://qiaoshan.co/DN102.pdf DN103 http://qiaoshan.
BrandQSFTagsBronze, Downspout, Nozzle, Flange, scupper, drain, drainage, nickel
Stainless Steel Perforated Gravel Guard for Roof DrainUsage: Restrains gravel ballast from the dome and drain sump.Material: 304Stainless SteelThickness: 22 gaugeHeight: 5”,6”H...
BrandQSFTagsgravel, guard, drain, drainage
Chequer supports are combined by columns, grids, shoes and girders. Detailed engineering will be according to the designs by customers. A Pre-assembling before shipment at workshop...
BrandTIANYUTagsincluding grids,girders,shoes and columns
China Special Metal Group Limited (CSM) is a supplier of metal material &machinery products. Metallurgical equipment Rolling mill housing (23-97 ton), Bearing chocks (3-20ton), Lad...
BrandCSMTagspot, ladle, casting
Tuyere Cooler is water cooling iron casting,casted in coil pipe.Its front cone cooperates with the front cone of tuyere & slag notch medium sleeve,connect the furnace body together by flange.
BrandTIANYUTagsCast Iron Tuyere Cooler
Cast iron stave coolers are applied to body parts of blast furnace. Such as tuyere area,furnace belly,funace bosh,furnace body,etc.They can protect the blast furnace effectively,extending its working life.
BrandTIANYUTagsCast Iron Stave Cooler
The front head of Casting and forging combined tuyere adopted the patented Liquid Forging Technology, the internal part of the tuyere installed with stainless steel spiral channel,...
BrandTIANYUTagsCast Copper Tuyere Cooler
Sand Casting and Die-Casting Aluminum Roof Drain Dome Strainer and Clamping Ring For Roof DrainageMaterial: AluminumProcessing: Sand Casting or Die- CastingType: RoundDiameter: Acc...
BrandQSFTagsAluminum, Dome, Strainer, Hinged, Access, Gate, Clamp, Ring,
Round and Square Ductile Iron Strainer Floor DrainsType: Round, SquareSize: 4", 5", 6", 8", 10”, 12”Throat: 3", 3 1/2", 3 3/4", 4"Packing: Bubble Bag-Paper Carton-Wood CratePort of Loading: Xingang, ChinaRichang Qiaoshan Trade Co.
BrandQSFTagsDuctile, Iron, Strainer, Floor, Drain,
R1100 series Cast Iron Roof Drain with A1-C3 Clamp and A1 Body with 2”-6” No-Hub and Push On OutletCatalog: http://qiaoshan.co/R1100.pdfParts:1. Membrane Clamp and Gravel Stop (A1-C3)2.
R1200 series Lacquered Cast Iron Deep Sump Roof Drain with A2-C3 Clamp and A2 Body with 2”-8” No-Hub and Push On Outlet Catalog: http://qiaoshan.co/R1200.pdfDome free area: 136 Square InchesDome size: 15 1/4 InchParts:1.
Shielded Transition Couplings for Pipe ConnectionCatalog: qiaoshan.co/Coupling.pdfMaterial: 300 series Stainless Steel, EPDM or NeoprenePacking: CartonPort of Loading: Xingang, Chi...
BrandQSFTagsShielded, Transition, Coupling, Cast, Iron, Steel, Plastic, Copper
Korean Style Cast Iron Roof DrainWebsite: http://qiaoshan.co/products5-2.html Item No.: RD-6100 RD-6200 RD-6300 RD-6350 RD-6360 RD-6400 RD-6500 RD-6600A RD-6600B RD-6610B RD-6610C ...
BrandQSFTagsRD-6100, RD-6200, RD-6300, RD-6350, RD-6360, RD-6400,
Korean Style Cast Iron Floor DrainWebsite: http://qiaoshan.co/products5-2.htmlItem No.: FD-3210 FD-3211 FD-3212 FD-3213 FD-3214 FD-3229 FD-3230 FD-4000 FD-4100 FD 4300 FD-4400 FD-4...
BrandQSFTagsFD-3210, FD-3211, FD-3212, FD-3213, FD-3214, FD-3229,
Z187 Oblique Scupper Drain Cast Iron BodySize: 2”-8”Include Parts:Cast Iron BodyOutlet: No-Hub/Inside Caulk/Inside Gasket/ThreadOptional: Aluminum GrateCast Iron GratePolished ...
BrandQSFTagsZ187, Oblique, Scupper, Drain, Cast, Iron, Zurn
Z505 12” Area Cast Iron Heavy Duty Drain With Bottom Outlet, Seepage Pan, Combination Membrane Flashing Clamp And Frame For Heavy-Duty Deep Flange Slotted GrateCatalog: http://qiaoshan.
KS D 4307 Flange Type Cast Iron Fittings(후렌지타입 배수용주철관)45°Bend A Type (45° 단곡관)45°Bend B Type (45° 단곡관)90° Short Bend(90° 단곡관)90° Long...
BrandQSFTagsksd,4307, mechanical, joint, flange, cast, iron, fitting
Pars Aluminium has gained huge appreciation in the international as well as in the domestic market for its excellent quality industrial products. We are noted casting manufacturer, supplier & exporter based in Iran.
BrandPars AluminiumTagsAluminium bronze, a356, adc12, Permanent mold casting
Our facility is well-equipped to handle your customized requestsUp to 7,000 tons monthly | high hardness and super chromium alloy cast steel balls availableOne of the Largest Steel...
Brandgaincin.comTagspurely forged steel grinding media balls, 1" forged steel mill balls