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Falling Ball Tester for Safety GlassFunction: Determination of whether the safety glazing material has a certain minimum strength and cohesion under impact from a small hard objectSuitable for impact test of safety glass and tempered glass.
BrandYuanchenTagsFalling Ball, Ball Tester, Falling Ball Tester, Safety Glass Tester
These three gang moulds are used to cast mortar prism specimens for flexural and compression tests, with dimensions as per standard requirement. Made from special alloy steel with ...
BrandOBRKTagsThree Gang Prisms Mould
STANDARD: EN 12697-10, 12697-30, BS 598-107This equipment is used for the preparation specimens for Marshall stability testing in compliance to BS 598 standard. The digital control...
BrandOBRKTagsMarshall Compactor
It is mainly used for the detection of coating adhesion in the construction of high-speed railway projects.Function:1.Integration design with embedded measurement, display circuit2.
BrandOBRKTagsPuller Out Tester
Foundation Testing PIT Pile Integrity TesterThe dynamic testing instrument for foundation pile is a test and analysis instrument for testing the structural integrity of foundation ...
BrandOBRKTagsPIT Pile Integrity Tester
Standard: ASTM D 6951-03This portable hand operated equipment is designed to obtain a direct and rapid in-situ evaluation of the structural strength of road pavement layers constructed with unbound materials.
BrandOBRKTagsDynamic cone penetrometer
STANDARD: ASTM D-5731This apparatus comprises a two-column fixed crosshead frame and a hand operated hydraulic jack. Pressure applied by the jack extends the piston carrying the lower conical point.
BrandOBRKTagsPoint Load Test Apparatus
STANDARD: EN 1097-2, ALSO CONFORMING TO NF P18-573, UNE 83 114, UNI 8520-19, CNR NO. 34, ASTM C131Los angeles abration machine consists of a rolled steel drum that its wall thickne...
High-frequency Sieve Shaker is mainly used for graded analysis of non-cohesive and dry grain substance.Adjustable vibration intensity, reliable and long lasting, simple sturdy construction, can hold up to 9PCS diameter 300mm sieves.
BrandOBRKTagsSieves Shaker
Used to determining the consistency of mortar & building line. Offering ASTM & EN standard, manual & motorized. A specimen contained in a cone mould is placed on a metal surface wh...
BrandOBRKTagsFlow Table Apparatus
Used for determination of setting time and consistency of cement by Vicat Method. The vicat frame consists essentially of a metal stand with a sliding rod. An adjustable indicator moves over a graduated scale.
BrandOBRKTagsVicat Apparatus
Digital Display Anchor Pull out Tester Test Machine is used in all kinds of bolt, steel, expansion bolt anchorage of anchoring force test, the test range, fully meet the latest sta...
BrandOBRKTagsConcrete Anchor Pull out Tester
It is used for molding of test sample of concrete and mortar in the testing laboratory. Electric vibration table is used to compact the concrete specimens by vibrating method in the laboratory, field test and so on.
BrandOBRKTagsVibrating Table
It applicable to detect strength of high-rise building components, Bridges and concrete member (plate, beam, column, bridge). Usually suit to concrete from C50 to C100. According to the standard acceptance evaluation of concrete strength.
BrandOBRKTagsConcrete Rebound Hammer
The centrifuges are used for the determination of bitumen percentage in bituminous mixtures. All models comprise a removable precision-machined rotor bowl housed in a cylindrical aluminium box.
BrandOBRKTagsAsphalt Centrifugal Extractor
It is suitable to make needle penetration determination for highway asphalt, modified asphalt, as well as residue of liquid petroleum asphalt or emulsified asphalt after evaporation.
BrandOBRKTagsAsphalt Penetrometer
Standard: ASTM D1559, D5581, AASTHO T245 The Marshall Stability Test Machine is used to determine the load and flow values of bituminous mixtures. Characteristic: 1. With mini hand wheel,can go up or down manually 2.
BrandOBRKTagsMarshall Stability Test Apparatus
STANDARD: ASTM D3080, BS 1377:7, AASHTO T236 NF P094071-1/2To determine the shearing strength of the soil using the direct shear apparatus. In many engineering problems such as des...
BrandOBRKTagsDirect Shear Testing Machine
Standard:BS 598-107, ASTM D1559,AASHTO T 245 It is suitable for the foundation engineering construction such as water conservancy dam, traffic, railway, airport and building etc. W...
BrandOBRKTagsSoil Compactor
Bearing ratio (CBR) tester is used for carrying out bearing ratio tests on various soil and pavement base and underlying materials after making specimens in the specified test cylinder.
BrandOBRKTagsCBR Loading Testing Machine