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Performance*Universally progammable with HART-protocol for various input signals*Two-wire technology, analogue output 4 to 20mA*Highly accurate in entire operating temperature rang...
BrandRosemountTags3144 temperature transmitter,temperature transmitter,Rosemount temperature transmitter,3144 transmitter
The AMS Trex Device Communicator expands the long line of Emerson handheld devices while adding new capabilities that adapt it to consumer expectations for mobile device functionality.
BrandEmersonTagsTREX communicator,AMS TREX communicator,Emerson TREX communicator
The Rosemount 644 offers a flexible and reliable solution to any temperature measurement. As a highly accurate transmitter that comes in either Hart and FOUNDATION Fieldbus communi...
BrandRosemountTagstemperature transmitter,Rosemount 644,644,644 temperature transmitter
With the Rosemount 3051, by leveraging one device across a number of pressure, level and flow applications, you’ll be able to reduce product variation and complexity as well as your total cost of ownership.
BrandRosemountTagstransmitter,3051 transmitter,presssure transmitter,Rosemount transmitter,Rosemount 3051
Differential pressure sensor is new technology for sensor , it can reach 0.025% , and with good stability and performance .
BrandBCSTTagsHigh accuracy differential pressure sensor
This sensor is silicone type , it is high accuracy , the best accuracy can reach 0.025% . It is new technology .
BrandBCSTTagssilicone pressure sensor
The HL series of Lpad are the portable hardness testing instruments, which integrated the smartest NDT technology and the smallest dimension. The Lpad hardness tester is a revolutionary product that can test most of the metal objects.
BrandJEWELTagsPen Type Leeb Hardness Tester
1. Measurement Accuracy: 99.97%2.Measurement Range: 0-99999.9meters3.Wheel diameter: 318mm.
BrandSJJWTagsmeasuring wheel
MASS' tube fittings were developed in response to industry demand for an alternative ultra high quality double ferrule instrumentation grade fitting. All 'MASS1 tube fitt...
BrandMassTagsPressur Gauges,Valves & Compression Tube Fittings
Dial size40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm & 250mmAccuracy+ 2% of f.s.d.Bourdon TubeBrass / Phosphor Bronze / S.S. 316MovementBrass / S.S. 304SocketBrass/S.S. 316CaseMild Steel / S.
BrandMassTagsPressure Gauges,Utility Pressure Gauges
Dial size100mm, & 150mmAccuracy11.5% and+2% of the f.s.d.ElementDiaphragm / CapsuleElement materialCapsule: Brass/S.S.316Diaphragm:S.S.316 / Teflon or Silver protected.Socket materialBrass / Stainless SteelMovement materialBrass / S.
BrandMassTagspressure gauges,Low Pressure Diaphragm & Capsule Gauges
Dial Size65mm, 100mm, 115mm & 150mmAccuracy+ 2% of full scaleTemperature ElementWounded coil of Bi-metalCaseM.S. / SS 304 snap action bayonet type IP 65Stem & BulbANSI SS 3...
BrandMassTagsPressure Gauges,Bi-Metal Temperature Guages
Dial Size100mm, 115mm & 150mmAccuracy+ - 1% of full scaleBourdonSs316/SS316LTemperature ElementMercury actuatedCapillary MaterialMicro bore M.S. / SS316Capillary ProtectionSS304 tubing with PVC or SS304 Armoured from 1m to25mCaseM.
BrandMassTagsPressure Gauges,Mercury Filled Temperature Gauges
Dial Size150mm & 250mmAccuracyTest gauge: +0.5% of f.s.d. Master gauge : 10.25% of f.s.d.ElementBellow, bourdon tubeElement MaterialTest gauge: Phosphor Bronze/SS 316 Master gauge : Beryllium Copper.
BrandMassTagsPressure Gauges,Test & Master Pressure Gauges
'MASS' make diaphragm sealed gauges are designed for systems needing contact surface that are rigorously cleanedand totally safe. The function of diaphragm is to isolate ...
BrandMassTagsPressure Gauges
MASS Make Single/Double Snap action Magnetic Eletrical Contact Gauges are available in 100mm & 150mm dial size. These gauges serve for the measurment and control of pressure by switching 'on and off electrical equipments.
BrandMassTagsPressure Gauges,Electrical Contact Pressure Gauges
Dial Size63mm, 100mm & 150mmAccuracy11% of thef.s.d.Bourdon materialPhosphor bronze / AISI 316 SSSocketBrass/S.S. 304/S.S. 316Movement materialBrass/S.S. 304/S.S. 316Case &...
BrandMassTagsPressure Gauges,Diaphragm Sealed Pressure Gauges
Dial Size63mm, 100mm & 150mmAccuracy+ 2% / + 1% of full scaleBourdonBRASS / Phosphor Bronze / SS316 / MONELMovementBRASS / S. S. 304 / S. S. 316SocketBRASS / SS316 / SS316L / MONELCase & BezelS.
BrandMassTagsPressure gauges,Glycerine Filled Pressure Gauges
Dial Size65mm, 100mm, 150mm & 250mmAccuracy+ - 1% of F.S.DBourdon TubeS.S. 316/Brass/Monel/Phosphor BronzeMovementS.S. 304/S.S. 316/BrassSocketS.S. 316/Brass/Monel/Phosphor BronzeCaseS.
BrandMassTagsPressure Gauges
The Siemens F C Mass 6000 Ex d is engineered for high performance, fast flow step response, fast bathing applications, high immunity against process noise, easy to install, commission and maintain.
BrandSiemensTagsFlow Meter