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Product DescriptionPrecision roughness tester SR-3 is a high precision instrument to test the surface degree of finish. It can measure surface roughness of the machined parts, inc...
BrandEBPTagsSurface Roughness Tester
1. Automated calibration, Automated gain2. DAC, AVG, TCG, B scan, AWS3. High-speed capture and very low noise4. Solid metal housing5. high contrast viewing of the waveform from bright6.
BrandEBPTagsUltrasonic Flaw Detector
MP-1A Touch Screen Automatic metallographic sample mounting press is designed for mounting small or irregular shape and those difficult to hold samples, which is former procedure of grinding and polishing.
BrandEBPTagsMounting Press
Technical Specifications:1. Hardness scale: HL, HB, HRB, HRC, HRA, HV, HS2. Measuring range: HLD (170-960), HRC (17.9-69.5), HB (19-683),   HV (80-1042), HS (30.6-102.6), HRA(59.1-88),   HRB (13.
BrandEBPTagsportable hardness tester
Main Function:This instrument is a new generation of Vickers hardness tester. It adopts the integrated design of hardness tester and panel computer, all the testing parameters can be selected on the panel computer.
BrandEBPTagsVickers Hardness Tester
Main Features:Digital Brinell Rockwell & Vickers hardness tester is equipped with a newly-designed large displaying screen with good reliability, excellent operation and easy watch...
BrandEBPTagsUniversal Hardness Tester
Main Function:B-3000T touch screen digital Brinell hardness tester is a unified product combining the precise mechanical structure and the load cell control system. The instrumen...
BrandEBPTagsDigital Brinell hardness tester
Brinell hardness tester of EBP brand, Test force: 62.5-3000kgfTest range: 8-650HBW.
BrandEBPTagsBrinell hardness tester
1. Turret: Manual / Auto for option2. Testing force: 10g (0.098N), 25g (0.245N), 50g (0.49N), 100g (0.98N ), 200g (1.96N), 300g (2.94N), 500g (4.9N), 1000g (9.8N)   Test force error: ±1.
BrandEBPTagsHardness Testing Machine
Advantage:1. Machine with self-checking function, the turret will automatically checking turret position right or not and calibrated automatically when tun-on machine.2. Adopted ...
BrandEBPTagsmicro hardness tester
Product introductionThis machine is mainly used for testing long specimen like wire and cable, conveyor belt, safety rope, safety bell , chain and so on. And it also complete tension, compression and bending test.
Brandhttp://www.honestyft.comTagsrope tensile, chain tensile,wire cable tensile,cord tensile
ApplicationIt is mainly used for test the compression resistant strength test for building materials, such as brick, cement, concrete specimen etc. They are perfect testing instrum...
BrandJinan Honesty First Test Equipment Co.,Ltd http://www.honestyft.comTagscement compression, brick compression,concrete compression,build material compression
ApplicationComputer control electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine is mainly designed for tension, compression, bending, and cutting test of metal materials. This machin...
BrandJinan Honesty First Test Equipment Co.,Ltd http://www.honestyft.comTagscpper tensile, aluminum tension,rebar tensile,pontil tensile
Brief introductionThe machine is mainly used for testing the mechanical properties of wood-based panel, like plywood, fiberboard and so on. Mechanical performance include modulus o...
BrandJinan Honesty First Test Equipment Co.,Ltd http://www.honestyft.comTagswood tensile
Purpose1.This tester is a new generation of fatigue testing machine, specially designed for low cycle and high cycle fatigue testing of spring & bellows.2.The computer controlled e...
BrandJinan Honesty First Test Equipment Co.,Ltd http://www.honestyft.comTagsbellows fatigue, pring tensile
PurposeThis machine is a new generation of microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine, specially designed for institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions.
BrandJinan Honesty First Test Equipment Co.,Ltd http://www.honestyft.comTagsrubber tensile,plastic tension,wire tensile,polymer tensile
Measuring Range:Noarmal:0.75-40mm Coating: 2-25mmVelocity: 1000~9999m/sBandwidth:0.5-15MHzResolution: 0.1mm(> 100mm)/0.01mm(.
BrandSolidTagsUltrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge
Eddy Current Testing Cpad T200 painting coating thickness gaugeSpecification: PrincipleUltrasonic(Pulse-Echo/Echo-Echo)Dimension (mm)165×82×30Resolution0.1mm(> 100mm)/0.01mm(.
BrandSolidTagspainting coating thickness gauge
Solid Upad X300 ultrasonic steel thickness gaugeTechnology Parameter:Measuring RangeNormal mode:0.75-400mm.Penetrate the coating: 2-25mm(Depending on the probe, the measurement and surface condition.
BrandSolidTagsultrasonic steel thickness gauge
Solid NDT instrument ultrasonic flaw detectorFeatures of UFD X5 ultrasonic flaw detector1.One Function Key, Easily Operation2.Ideal Menu Style3.Auto Calibration : Velocity, Probe Delay, Angle/KValue4.
BrandSolidTagsNDT instrument ultrasonic flaw detector