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dmq QH5 Series Rebound and UCI Hardness Testers are used to measure hardness in metals with repetitive and accurate results. dmq QH5 hardness testers are easy to operate and reliab...
BranddmqTagsrebound hardness testers, uci hardness testers, portable hardness testers
dmq QB7 High Precision Hall Effect Thickness Gauges where developed to compete with similar models from the most reknown brandnames in the industry such as Olympus and ElektroPhysik.
BranddmqTagshall effect thickness gauge, magna-mike, bottle thickness gauge, magnetic thickness gauge
Brief DescriptionFruit penetrometer GY series (Fruit hardness Tester) is used to judge fruits’ maturity. It can test hardness of fruit, such as apple, pear, watermelon, bananas and so on.
BrandTOPTagsfruit hardness tester,fruit sclerometer,fruit penetrometer
Characteristic 1. Can quickly judge the quality of rice through fully automatic and once for all hulling of paddy rice and whitening of brown rice. 2. Beautiful appearance, easy to carry, simple operation, short working time.
BrandtopTagsrice miller machine,rice machine,rice polishing machine
Product descriptionRaw /Coarse Fiber Analyzer tests raw fiber content according to acid and alkali boiling method.It adopts accurate concentration acid and alkali to boil samples i...
BrandTOPTagsfiber tester,testing machine,raw fiber tester
Characteristics1. Adopt microcomputer controlling process; include manual mode and automatic mode. Can be set and switched according to user's need. 2. Large array LCD display, touch key, easy to operate.
BrandTOPTagsdistillation for kjeldahl,Protein Distiller,high quality distillation for kjeldahl
IntroductionThe instrument is composed of digestion furnace (different types for selecting) and azotometer distillatory.The digestion furnace (numeric display model) is controlled by temperature control meter.
BrandTOPTagssemi-automatic kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer,distillation for kjeldahl,nitrogen determination
Product DescriptionFat Analyzer tests fat content according to Soxhlet Extraction principleIt features extraction, reagent recovery, cooling system and temperature controlling.Characteristic1.
BrandTOPTagssoxhlet apparatus,Soxhlet Extraction,soxhlet extraction system
FunctionThe Precision Divider has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to precisely divide larger samples into working size samples in a matter of seconds. It is ideal for smaller seeded crops.
BrandTOPTagsBoerner divider,Divider Electric divider,high voltage divider
Characteristics1. Type C digestive furnace adopts quartz infrared heating pipe, the radiation is primary and the conduction is auxiliary; short heating time, high efficiency2. Mach...
BrandTOPTagsdigestive furnace,furnace digital control,digital electric melting furnace
IntroductionGWJ series Grain Hardness Tester measures hardness of granular good such as rice, wheat, ect.Characteristics1. Easy to operate, direct reading, high accuracy, elegant appearance.
BrandTOPTagsgrain hardness meter,grain hardness tester,grain accelerometer
Characteristic1. High accuracy and high resolution: large screen LCD display, with backlight function (backlight for night use), inverted reverse function of numbers on the screen2.
BrandTOPTagssoil hardness tester,hardness tester portable,portable soil hardness tester
IntroductionSoil Irrometer tensiometer is made up of pressure gauge, acrylic tube and ceramic probe, after the acrylic tube filled with water, ceramic probe gets wet and it can prevent outside air into the ceramic probe.
BrandTOPTagstensiometer for soil,tension meter,Soil Tensiometer
Characteristics 1. Quickly test the N, P, K, organic matter, salinity, and pH in soil 2. With the function of time display, can automatically record and save the time of tested sample.
BrandTOPTagssoil nutrient tester,soil fertility tester,soil NPK analyzer
1. Characteristics:Handset:Ø Small and exquisite, easy to carry and LCD display;Ø Collect settings: working unattended can be set to timing or manual collect data, recording and ...
BrandTOPTagssoil salinity meter,Soil temperature meter,Soil moisture meter
It can directly test electrical conductivity of soil ,water and organic solution. And it adopts the automatic temperature compensation technology which can improve the measurement accuracy.
BrandTOPTagssoil moisture meter,digital salinity meter,soil ph meter
Use the advanced negative pressure suction way and 31 mm large ceramic head, it can sampling quickly ApplicationUsed in the field to extract soil solution of different levels in si...
BrandTOPTagssoil solution sampler,solution sampler,sampler
IntroductionThe soil PH is an important factor to limits the crops production and the quality .This instrument is simple and convenient, can directly insert the soil. Technical parameterspH range: 3-8 PH PH accuracy: ±0.
BrandTOPTagssoil ph meter,sale ph meter,low price pen type ph meter
The online photosynthetic effective radiation measuring instrument can set the minimum and maximum limit value, can automatically carry out data early warning analysis, preset the ...
BrandTOPTagsoutdoor soil tester
Characteristics1.Large-screen LCD, guiding operational procedures2.With the exception of automatically recorded, can also be manually record, open and stopTechnical parametersTesti...
BrandTOPTagssoil temperature meter,temperature meter for soil,soil temperature tester