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industrial solid OTR tires

Product Details
industrial solid OTR tires
1,factory, OEM service
2,standard rubber,better stability, no slipping ring and lamination
3,puncture free,long wear,no exploding, Long tire life adds up to major cost savings
4,low rolling resistance, save energy
5,high loading capacity,easy fix
6,various size,non-marking available
7,Quality, Durability, and Deep Tread Design for Traction
8,we have advanced quality inspection equipment
9,Solid Rubber with Cushioning for a more comfortable ride
10,For the harsh, more abrasive environments where Solid Tires are a must
Yantai Wonray Rubber Tire Co.,Ltd is a professional solid tire manufacturer. Our main products is as the following: solid tire,solid rubber tire, industrial solid tire, solid otr tire, solid forklift tire, solid trailer tire,solid skidsteer loader tire, solid lifting platform tire,non marking solid tire,press-on solid tire,etc.
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