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2030 high speed spindle motor for wood cnc router machineBCM2030C with Japan Yaskawa servo motor and drivers 1 Working area: 2000*3000*200mm|4´*8´2 CE standard3 Italian HSD 9.5KW...
BrandBCAMTagsCnc Router Machine
The primary function of brakes is the conversion of mechanical energy into heat, which is then dissipated into the atmosphere. The amount of heat which can be dissipated by air coo...
BrandHandongTagsDBK pneumatic brake, CX high performance friction pad brake, asbestos free DBK pneumatic brake
DBK pneumatic caliper disc brake is with good heat dissipation, its equiped steel braking disc is full of holes, so the heat can be rejected accordingly.As usually the braking disk...
BrandHandongTagsDBK250 air brake, CX300 pneumatic caliper disc brake, DBK20.2 single modular pneumatic brake
Pneumatic actuated friction caliper disc brake DBK is an easy operation and installation brake. It is composed of some pieces of modulars, when modular quantity different, then its model is different, too.
BrandHandongTagsDBK250 pneumatic brake, CX250 RE combiflex pneumatic disc brake, DBZ air friction brake
CX300 fan cool combiflex complete pneumatic brake is actuated by air pressure, it is widely applied in unwinder, such as tissue machine, plastic film machine, carton board machine,...
BrandHandongTagsCX250 pneumatic brake, RE CX300 roll stand unwinder brake, DBK250 friction brake carton board
DBK250.6 is composed of some modulars pneumatic caliper disc brake, it is a complete combiflex pneumatic brake. As usually, this modular quantity is one, two, three and six. It is ...
BrandHandongTagsindependent modular air brake, two modular pneumatic brake, CX250 combiflex air friction brake
DBK10 single modular pneumatic caliper disc brake is one component of DBK250.6 pneumatic caliper disc brake, it is without braking disc.This DBK10 single modular pneumatic caliper disc brake is easy for installation and operation.
BrandHandongTagsCX air fan cool caliper disc brake, DBK brake tissue industry, CX250 air brake tension control
Handong company is a professional manufacturer of pneumatic brake, it made DBK250 modular caliper disc brake can well replace RE CX250 combiflex pneumatic brake with competitive price.
BrandHandongTagsDBK250.6 caliper disc brake, fan cooling caliper disc brake, air friction modular brake
DBK pneumatic fan cooling caliper disc brake is composed of some pieces of modulars, as usually, it is matched with a cooling fan on the top of brake. It is good for heat dissipati...
BrandHandongTagsRE modular pneumatic brake, combiflex caliper disc brake, CX250 air friction brake
CE standardItalian HSD 9.5KW(12HP) Electrospindle with 10-position Automatic Tool Changer(ISO30)12mm Heavy duty bodyActive safety systemHelical rack and pinion drivers on X and Y a...
BrandBCAMCNCTagscnc touter
3d cnc machine 1325 1530 wood cnc router 1224BCM1325D can be used in the production of many different items, such as door carvings, interior and exterior decorations, wood panels, ...
BrandBCAMTagswood cnc router
The 2 axis CNC wire bending machine produces simple shaped 2D output forms. Hence, it is not necessary to prefer a higher rate of cnc machines. Like the cnc bending machines’ normal working process, it pursues the work and forms the output.
BrandAutolinkTagswire bending machine, cnc machine, bending wire machine
CBM negative spring engaged tooth and tooth brake is spring applied air release, that means this CBM brake is locked by springs as usually, release when intake air source. As to it...
BrandHandongTagsCBM high braking force brake, spring locked air release brake, industrial aluminum tooth brake
As usually, the friction and tooth brake is made with steel material, which is strong and durable. While our new CBM tooth brake is aluminum material spring engaged pneumatic tooth brake.
BrandHandongTagsnegative tooth brake, joint part used CBM gear brake, industrial spring lock brake
CBM pneumatic tooth brake is made of steel material, it is widely applied in joint part for stopping. Considering its special usage, so our Handong company make an update for it, making it lighter and smaller for joint part application.
BrandHandongTagsCBM air shaft tooth brake, air release gear brake, pneumatic tooth brake mechanical arm
CBM Pneumatic tooth brake is actuated by springs, after supplying air source, then this brake released, tooth and tooth plates separated.Following are the characters of this CBM Pneumatic tooth brake:1.
BrandHandongTagsCBM spring applied air release brake, normal braking tooth brake, brake braking mechanical hand
CBM spring engaged air shaft gear brake is a special tooth brake, because it is through tooth and tooth connection for braking. It is with compact size while with large braking force.
BrandHandongTagspneumatic tooth brake, air release pneumatic tooth brake, CBM tooth brake
CBM spring applied air release tooth brake is a kind of safe brake, normally it is in braked status. CBM spring applied air release tooth brake working theory is the same with HABB...
BrandHandongTagsCBM normal braking brake, pneumatic tooth brake, safe spring lock brake
HABB air release spring applied caliper disc brake is a kind of safe brake, it is friction structure, so it is also suitable for high speed linking and rotating.There are four models of this brake: HABB-5, HABB-10, HAB--20, HABB-40.
BrandHandongTagsHABB-20 spring engaged brake, TSE caliper disc brake with bushing, safe air friction brake
HABB spring pneumatic brake caliper is a safe brake. Normally, it is in locked stauts, until supplying air source, then this brake will be released.HABB spring pneumatic brake is controlled by springs.
BrandHandongTagsHABB-5 spring engaged brake, TSE spring applied brake, HDBB safe friction brake