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3m/s high speed Li-ion Battery Prismatic Cylindrical Winding Machine Features1. Highest operation efficiency in the industry: Max.Speed: over 3000 mm/s.2. Leading Accuracy:Cell alignment: less than 0.
BrandGeesunTagslithium battery winding machine, prismatic winding machine, cylindrical battery winding machine, EV battery winder winding machine
480PPM High Speed Li-ion Battery Lamination Stacking MachineFeatures1. 480-600 ppm (0.125-0.1s/pcs), annual capacity: 1GWh/unit, Technical reserve:2 GWh/unit.2. no mylar and 0 auxiliary time, reduce operation cost & increase speed3.
BrandGeesunTagslithium battery stacking machine,battery lamination stacking machine, battery cell stacking machine, Z stacking machine
High Speed Li-ion Battery Electrode Laser Notching Machine Laser tabs cutting machingFeatures1. Highest operation efficiency in the industry, Mass production: over 80m/min, Technical reserve: over 200m/min.
BrandGeesunTagslithium battery laser notching machine,electrode laser cutting, battery cell tabs cutting
Hindustan Nylons manufactures PTFE Gaskets as per variety of standards such as ASA, DIN, BS etc for raised face & full face flanged joints.PTFE Gaskets are produced in various type...
BrandPTFE Machined Components - Hindustan NylonsTagsptfe-gaskets, PTFE Gaskets, PTFE slit type, envelop gasket, ready cut gasket, solid Gasket, Hindustan Nylons
PTFE Bridge Bearing PadsHindustan Nylons manufactures PTFE Bridge Bearing Pads as per Indian Standard: Code IRC-83 with one side dimpled for lubricant holding & other side - Sodium Itched - for Gluing.
BrandPTFE Special ProductsTagsPTFE Bridge Bearing Pads, Special PTFE, PTFE sodium itched, ptfe pads, ptfe bearing
Two sides wood veneer core board negative and positive vacuum membrane press machineTM2680F TWO SIDES WOOD VENEER CORE BOARD NEGATIVE AND POSITIVE VACUUM MEMBRANE PRESS MACHINEMACH...
BrandZHTTagsnegative and positive vacuum membrane press
PVC lamination cabinet door membrane vacuum press with PIN system - ZHTTM3000F-P Positive and Negative Press Machine with Automatic Pin SystemFeatures1.Fast speed:The working perio...
BrandZHTTagsPIN system membrane vacuum press
Wood furniture machine for vacuum membrane press - ZHTTM3000F Positive and negative pressure membrane press machineFeatures1.Fast speed: 3 meters worktable is high efficiency and more cost saving.
BrandZHTTagsWood furniture machine
TM5000 Film Laminating Machine for PVC Paint-free DoorFeature1.High automation:The machine is highly automated, easily operated with automatic feeding. Items of processing time, te...
BrandZHTTagspress machine for doors
TM3000B Automation High Gloss Membrane Press MachineFunctionFully take structure,materials,and other conditions into consideration,and provide workers with the comfortable and safe working environment,to reach optimized efficiency.
BrandZHTTagsPVC door wood veneer press supplier
TM3000 Automation High Gloss Membrane Press MachineFunctionThis machine is a fully automatic vacuum coating equipment, which can be used for surface finishing of various kinds of high-grade PVC, imitation wood, stone grain, leather, etc.
BrandZHTTagspvc foil vacuum membrane press machine
TM2480M Vacuum Membrane Press MachineFeature1.High speed , working cycle time is less than 1 min.2.Saves the PVC film.3.PVC film stretch in limited scale,keeps color untouched.4.No folds.
BrandZHTTagspvc vacuum membrane press
TM2480A Vacuum Membrane Press MachineFunctionThis machine various PVC film can be pasted on furniture, cabinets, acoustics, process doors, decoration wallboard, etc., and can be us...
BrandZHTTagspress laminating machine for door
TM3000F-P Positive and Negative Press Machine with Automatic Pin SystemFeatures1.Fast speed:The working period of both ordinary work-piece and highlight work-piece is less than 2 m...
BrandZHTTagsvacuum membrane press machine
QDE-4 horizontal friction disc brake is a kind of air disc brake, it is a high torque air brake. Normally, it is in released status.This QDE horizontal friction disc brake torque f...
BrandHandongTagsQDE-4 horizontal friction disc brake
QDD-3N safe caliper disc friction brake is also a kind of friction brake. It is used to clamp steel disc for stopping.As usually, there are two models of this QDD-N safe caliper disc brake, including QDD-2N and QDD-3N.
BrandHandongTagsQDD-3N safe caliper disc friction brake
QDD-3.5 pneumatic driven disc brake with air cylinder, it is actuated by air pressure. So when air pressure larger, then this brake's braking force is larger, too.QDD-3 pneumatic d...
BrandHandongTagsQDD-3.5 pneumatic driven disc brake
Horizontal DBH105 air caliper disc brake is driven by air pressure, no electric spark, anti-explosion, safe and reliable. Braking force can be adjusted at random, torque range is wide.
BrandHandongTagsHorizontal DBH105 air caliper disc brake
DBG DBH203 pneumatic caliper disc brake are friction air brake, they are driven by air pressure.DBG DBH pneumatic caliper disc brake are both complete structure, strong and durable.
BrandHandongTagsDBG DBH203 pneumatic caliper disc brake
DBH203 pneumatic caliper disc brake with air cylinder head. As its air cylinder head position, it can be divided into left DBH-L and right DBH-R two modes. "L" is the abbreviation of "Left", and "R" is the abbreviation of "Right".
BrandHandongTagsDBH203 pneumatic caliper disc brake