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Oval SinkSize: Length 62cm, Width 42cm, High 16cmCubicle SinkSize: Length 50cm, Width 40cm, High 15cm.
BrandBintang Antik SejahteraTagssinks, washbasin, interior, exterior, bathroom vanity
Washbasin/sink productMaterials : Marble StoneSize : 40cm x 15cm.
BrandBintang Antik SejahteraTagswashbasin, sinks, marble washbasin, marble sinks
Pict. 1 = Size 20 cm x 40 cmMix 3 Colors, Interlock 2 cmPict. 2 = Size 15 cm x 40 cmWhite, Interlock 2cmPrice: Rp 169.000/m - Rp 175.500/m (Can Be Changed at any time).
BrandBintang Antik SejahteraTagsall Cladding Details, Wall Cladding Texture, Wall Cladding Tiles, wall cladding stone,
Materials: Marble Stone (Mix Local Marble and Import)Size: Diameter 55cm, The Height of 70cm.
BrandBintang Antik SejahteraTagsmodern table, table, mini table, marble table, motifs table
Product Details InformationMaterial: Onyx StoneSize: Height: 30cm, Length: 35cm, Large: 12cm.
BrandBintang Antik SejahteraTagshorse statue, statue, sculpture, onyx sculpture, white horse statue,
White Onyx Table Lamp, Size: Diameter = 10cmHeight = 26cm - 28cm.
BrandBintang Antik SejahteraTagslamp, lampshade, onyx table lamp,onyx table lamp, onyx lampshade
This coffee table made from high-quality marble stone only.Diameter : 55cmHeight :70cm.
BrandBintang Antik SejahteraTagscoffee table, marble coffee table, marble stone table, table
Variation size:15 cm x 40 cm,18 cm x 40 cm,20 cm x 50 cm,20 cm x 40 cm.
BrandBintang Antik SejahteraTagswall cladding, wall cladding stone, wall cladding bathroom,
We are from Bintang Antik Sejahtera Marble Stone Crafts, we can produce stone crafts on a large scale. For more information about our product and order, you can contact our number ...
BrandBintang Antik SejahteraTagsdining table, marble, table, marble dining table,
Our motifs floor products with various motifs we have. Made from high-quality marble materials. Please contact our number to get a special price from us. We can produce a big scale production.
BrandBintang Antik SejahteraTagsmotifs floor, marble floor, marble stone, floors,
Welcome to Bintang Antik Sejahtera Company. We can produce a bathroom vanity set with a large scale. You can do custom sizes for your order. Please contact us to get the special price.
BrandBintang Antik SejahteraTagsbathroom vanity, bathroom set, shampoo bottle,
We are from Bintang Antik Sejahtera Marble Stone Manufacture, Supplier, and Contractor. For more information about our product and order, you can contact our number below to get th...
BrandBintang Antik SejahteraTagsborder inlay, motifs floor, flooring, marble floor
Welcome back to our company BINTANG ANTIK SEJAHTERA. This time I will offer you one of our products made from selected local marble with Grade A quality. These products are Top Table products from marble stone.
BrandBintang Antik SejahteraTagstable top, kitchen set, marble, marble stone,
We are from Bintang Antik Sejahtera Marble Stone Manufacturer, Supplier, and Contractor. For more information about our product and order, you can contact our number below to get t...
BrandBintang Antik SejahteraTagsmarble, bathroom set, bathroom vanity, marble bathroom set,
Standing Washbasin Drinking Fountain and it has completed with the pedestal to support the washbasin to make it able to stand on the floor. In this washbasin, there is a place for ...
BrandBintang Antik SejahteraTagswashbasin, sinks, drinking fountain,
HIOLO | INCENSE BURNERWe are from UD. BINTANG ANTIK SEJAHTERA Marble Stone Manufacture, Supplier, and Contractor. For more information about our product and order you can contact o...
BrandBINTANG ANTIK SEJAHTERATagsmarble crafts, incense burner, marble incense burner
Washbasin product that made from Petrified Wooden Stone (Fossil Stone). You can custom the size from us. To know more information about our product you can visit our blog site.
BrandBintang Antik SejahteraTagsWashbasin
QTP150-1Type150cc single cylinder, air-cooled, 4 strokeBorexStroke62.5mmx57.8mmStarting system:Electric StartMax.torque:10N.m/(6500r/min)Max.speed: 65km/hMax.power:9.1KW/(7500r/min...
BrandqtpTagsaudult atv cart 150cc dirty cart quad bike
MINI dumper QTP300BEngine: 6.5HP start mode: manulfule type: gasolineTransmission : 3F+1R Load Capacity : 300kg Box Length: 910-1040mm adjustable Box Width: 600-860mm adjustable Bo...
BrandQTPTagsBEST manual tipping type dumper QTP300C crawler transport
Mini dumper QTP300Cengine: 196CC 6.5HPstart mode: manulfule type: gasolinetransmission : 3F+1R load Capacity : 300kgBox Length: 860mm Box Width: 630mm Box Depth : 290mm track width...
BrandqtpTagsmanual tipping type dumper QTP300C crawler transporter