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Palm Oil, urea, wheat, Halal certified chicken, beef and mutton,.
BrandShaina, Artami, ShidajiTagsCooking oil
Advantage: The door frame is made of high-quality Steel Plate and rolled in a special production line. The inlaid sealing strip and the door are closely matched to close without impact sound.
BrandbastdoorTagsfast door,Rolling Door
Door Curtain Parallel and double-layer stacking type, the distance between two door curtains is about 300-1200 mm. The composition of the curtain, the curtain imported from France ...
BrandbastdoorTagsfast door,Rolling Door
IntroductionBast thermal insulation zipper door is a thermal insulation energy-saving internal fast door in the cold chain logistics area, which helps to save energy, reduce air convection and reduce noise.
BrandbastdoorTagsinsulation fast door,thermal insulation fast door
IntroductionThe thermal insulation fast door designed and produced by Bast-a thermal insulation energy-saving inner fast door in the rapid cold chain logistics area-, which helps to save energy, reduce air convection, and reduce noise.
BrandbastdoorTagsfast door,Rolling Door
The BAST zipper fast curtain door is designed for indoors. With its unique design, it can provide the best sealing. It takes only a small amount of space to protect your environ- ment from wind, humidity, dust, mosquitoes.
BrandbastdoorTagsinsulation fast door,thermal insulation fast door
BAST system adopts AC permanent magnet synchronous servo motor, which has many advantages, such as easy control, high control precision, flexible control, easy to obtain driving en...
BrandbastdoorTagsPLC,SREVO motor
Bast fast door has the characteristics of high reliability, practicability, easy operation and low maintenance cost, and provides you with a comprehensive warranty service after installation.
BrandbastdoorTagsfast door,Rolling Door
Cooking palm oil and related productsSoaps and household detergents.
BrandArtami ® Shaina ®TagsSoaps and household detergents
The pipe and tube bending machine bend pipes no wrinkles or cracks, low noise, easy operation, German technology, favorable price. It can also bend square tubes or pipes, round bar, etc.
BrandPowermanTagsbending machine, rebar bending, steel bar, stainless bending, tube bender
Pipe bending machine for 2 inch pipeline metal tube benderPipe bender ,pipe bending is applicable for bending stainless steel and other kinds of thin-wall metal pipes into arc shapes.
BrandPowermanTagsbending machine, rebar bending, steel bar, stainless bending, tube bender
Stirrup bending machine 5-10 mm SM-80ABThe automatic stirrup bending machine is for bending steel bar.The bending machine can work 2000hours/per day.The bar bending machine is PLC system.
BrandPowermanTagsPipe bending machine, tube machine, pipe bender, metal pipe
Features:1. CE approved and design patent2. Ball Screw: High efficient3. Round rail: High repositioning precision4. Changsheng Spindle:Strong power and low noise5. Stepping motor: high reliability, high torque at low speeds6.
BrandPRTKJTagsCNC Woodworking Machine,CNC Engraving Machine, CNC Router Machine
ItemDescriptionModel6090RW3-15Outside dimension1150x970x650mm(LxWxH)Working platform size1045x720mm(LxW)Frame Material6061 Aluminium alloy Max. Feeding height140mm(From base of Z axis to platform)X, Y, Z Working Area600x900x150mmFeatures:1.
BrandFoshan PuruiteTagsCNC Engraving Machine, CNC router machine
This engraving machine can be engraved plastic, wood, acrylic, pvc, pcb, wood or the like material. Drill bit can not engrave hard metal, jade or other hard materials. Some compone...
BrandFoshan PuruiteTagsCNC engraving machine. woodworking machine, cnc engraver
Specification:1. Input Voltage (V):1 pha 220V ± 15%2. Power Output (KVA):10.83. Output Intensity (A): 20 - 2004. Output Voltage (V):59 - 635. Efficiency:85%6. Weight (Kg): 6.57. Welding stick (mm):2.
BrandMMA 200 PROTagsMMA 200 PRO
Air Compressors, Clean Dried Compressed Air Specialist.
BrandSSRTagsRotary, Screw, IR, Sullair, Oil Flooded, Hitachi,
A&S Conveyor Belts Co., Ltd. supplies full range of XXH, XH, XL, MXL, H, L Synchro-Link Timing Belts:700XXH800XXH900XXH1000XXH1200XXH1400XXH1600XXH1800XXH1915XXH507XH560XH630XH700X...
A&S Conveyor Belts Co., Ltd. supplies full range of 8M/14M Bando High Performance STS Belts:HTS-109214MHTS-189014MHTS-243614MHTS-324814MHTS-425614MHTS-119014MHTS-200214MHTS-245014M...
A&S Conveyor Belts Co., Ltd. supplies full range of VIS8M/14M/ Bando Ceptor Ⅵ Synchronous BeltSTSCeptor-ⅥS8M640STSCeptor-ⅥS8M680STSCeptor-ⅥS8M720STSCeptor-ⅥS8M760STSCepto...