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Shanghai Triowin industrial sterilization system includes three types of tube type sterilization machine: tube in tube sterilizer , cooling tunnel type sterilizer and plate type sterilizer.
BrandTRIOWINTagssterilizer,juice sterilize,juice pasturizer,pasturize
Suitable for carrot processing, to produce clear juice, turbid juice, juice concentrate and fermented beverages. This production line is mainly composed of cleaning machine, elevat...
BrandTRIOWINTagscarrot process,carrot product,carrot processing line,carrot drink
Suitable for processing of wolfberry, to produce clear juice, turbid juice, juice concentrate, wolfberry powder, medlar wine products, etc. This production line is mainly composed ...
BrandTRIOWINTagswolfberry product,wolfberry drink,juice machine
Suitable for processing of apricot, plum, peach and other stone processing to produce clear juice, turbid juice, protoplasmic, concentrate, concentration pulp, fruit powder, fruit vinegar, and other products.
BrandTRIOWINTagsapricot juice,plum juice,peach juice machine
Suitable for walnut, almond nuts processing to produce walnut sauce (milk), almond, walnut beverage products. This production line is mainly composed of shelling machine, roasting ...
BrandTRIOWINTagsnut milk line,nut machine,nut equipment,nut milk
Suitable for all kinds of ginseng processing, can produce ginseng (milk), ginseng health drink, ginseng beverage products. This production line is mainly composed of smasher, extra...
BrandTRIOWINTagsginseng process,ginseng production,ginseng drink
Suitable for processing of passion fruit, guava to produce clear juice, turbid juice, juice concentrate, etc. This production line is mainly composed of cleaning machine, sorting m...
BrandTriowinTagspassion fruit process,drink machinery,beverage equipment,fruit juicer
Instant separation of high percentages of must during the loading stage. Improved must quality thanks to extremely low operating pressures(not above 0,7~0,9 atm,and never above atmospheric pressure).
BrandTriowinTagsgrape processing equipment,grape equipment,
Triowin's fruit reception lines are designed to satisfy the most rigorous standards of hygiene in cleaning the raw material. Then highly sophisticated mills ensure optimized mash preparation.
BrandTriowinTagsapple juicer,apple processing equipment,apple process machinery,apple process
Triowin import the most advanced technology from Italy, Europe and America, combine with the investment characteristics of Chinese mainland, and form brilliant technical program for citrus processing line.
BrandTriowinTagscitrus processing line,orange juice machine,orange processing line
Orange juice production line, including the original fruit pretreatment, classifier, TCE full fruit juicer, TJFjuice refiner, TASTE orange juice concentrate equipment, the pasteurization and UHT sterilization and etc.
BrandTriowinTagsorange processing equipment,citrus processing line,orange machinery
Tomatoes are usually processed for paste and the processing line mainly includes five parts: fresh tomato receiving, pre-washing and sorting section; extracting section; concentrat...
BrandTriowinTagstomato processing line,tomato paste pro,tomato processing equipment
Quick DetailsProduct Type: for civil use or construction use Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland) Brand Name: XinYuan Model Number: XY-300-800 SBS Polymer self-adhesive serie...
BrandXinYuanTagsAsphlat shingle production line
The air table is a practical flat glass collecting device with fumaroles evenly distributed on its surface. The compressed air flow shoot up from the fumaroles can give an auxiliar...
BrandZHONGYUANTagsair table, air cushion table, glass machinery
The stackers with multiple specifications made by our company can be used for small-sized glass to large-sized glass. The machine can stack the glass tidily and operates smoothly. ...
BrandZHONGYUANTagsstacker, stacking machine
The powder-spraying gun is a new technical equipment which replaces traditional mildew-proof paper to isolate the glass for packaging. It can not only reduce the production cost but also guarantee the companys economic benefits.
BrandZHONGYUANTagspowder spraying gun, glass machinery,glass
Longitudinal cutting machineMain technical index:1. The cutting accuracy: 0.5mm2. The cutting thickness: 1.0~19mm3. The accuracy of auto positioning: ±0.5mm4. The biggest ribbon width: 4800mm5.
BrandZHONGYUANTagsglass cutter, glass cutting machine
transverse cutting machine Main technical index:1. The cutting accuracy: ±0.5mm2. The cutting straightness accuracy: 0.5mm3. The cutting thickness: 1.0~19mm4. The diagonal deviation: ±1.
BrandZHONGYUANTagsglass cutter, glass cutting machine
After a dozen times of improvements by our engineers and technicians, our cold end equipment has already become well-received by our customers and has been installed onto several production lines.
BrandZHONGYUANTagscold end, glass
Horizontal drawing machine is a very important equipment made by our company and is a widely used complete operation system in sheet glass forming by drawing, annealing, conveying, cold end cutting, sheet picking up etc.
BrandzhongyuanTagsglass machinery, glass equipment, sheet glass