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White Petroleum jelly
White Petroleum jelly
We are one of the few names to offer White Petroleum Jelly that is processed under hygienic conditions. Finding a vast application in hair oils, perfumes, creams, and soaps, the entire range of petroleum jelly offered by us is widely acclaimed in the market. Dedicated to serve the client satisfaction we assure the high quality of the whole range offered.
We are one of the prominent manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of White Petroleum Jelly that is processed using utmost quality ingredients sourced from trusted vendors. Soft unctuous in its features, this offered petroleum jelly is highly acclaimed in the market. Finding a vast application in cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, it has fetched high demands among the customers we have reaped so far.
Saudi Dunes White Petroleum Jelly is manufactured using highly refined paraffinic white mineral oils and waxes. This ensures the products are as per the pharmacopeia requirements.
Various grades of Petroleum Jellies catering to pharma & personal care products as well as technical grades for less critical applications and meeting specifications of customers are manufactured.
Saudi Dunes white petroleum jelly meets the requirements of pharmacopeia (IP, USP& BP) and is manufactured as per the GMP norms.
• Stable
• Non Water Soluble
• Topical Lubricant
• Soothing Ointment
The White Petroleum Jellies are used as an ointment base, protective dressing and soothing applications to skin. It’s also use in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, printing ink, leather & rubber industry. these gels offer excellent barrier to moisture and thus prevent moisture loss from skin. Saudi Dunes Jellies are used in formulating various cosmetic and personal care preparations like hair conditioners, hand cleaners, lip balms, massage creams, moisturizing lotions, and sun care products and in various pharmaceutical applications such as skin protecting ointments, medicated ointments etc.
• Soluble in chloroform, in ether & in light petroleum (boiling range 40-60 0C) the solution. Sometimes showing a slight opalescence, insoluble in ethanol (95%) and in water.



1. Description VISUAL White Translucent, soft mass, Unctuous to touch, Odourless and tasteless, not more than slightly fluorescent by day light when melted.

2. Color (Lovibond)2”cell IP 17/52 1.5Y (MAX.)
3. Color USP To Pass
4. Drop Melting Point,˚C ASTM D-127 44 - 60
Congealing Point,˚C ASTM D 938 44 - 55
5. Light Absorption 0.5% Max IP-2007 Passes
6. Cone Penetration at 25 deg ,˚C, dmm ASTM D-937 100 - 300
7. Kinematic Viscosity at 100˚C, cSt ASTM D 445 5.0- 11.0
8. Acidity or Alkalinity USP To Pass
9. Residue on Ignition USP 0.5 (Max.)
10. Organic Acids USP To Pass
11. Fixed oils, fats and resins USP To Pass
12. Polynuclear compounds FDA21
CFRC 172.886 To Pass
13. Purity Status USP/BP Complies
• The above data is indicative only. Minor variations, which which do not effect product performance or quality, may be expected in manufacturing.
• Tailor made products also available in request.

Note: The information contained here is, to our best knowledge, true 7 accurate, but all recommendations or suggestions are made without guarantee, since the conditions of use are beyond our control. There is no implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for purpose of the product or product described herein.
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