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Different Type of Gypsum False Ceiling Board
Different Type of Gypsum False Ceiling Board
Different Type of Gypsum False Ceiling Board
Different Type of Gypsum False Ceiling Board
favorable price
B. ISO quality certify system
C. Fire-resistant, waterproof, sound-absorbing
D. Low carbon, engery saving.

Different type of gypsum false ceiling board


Size- Thickness- The angle deviation of the Right- Color
600*600, 16mm, 17mm, Ivory

Green, natural, beautiful, sound insulation, thermal insulation, fire-resistant, waterproof, easy disassembly, cutting, casting molding structural diversity advantage.

Preparation Process
The high crystal ceiling is building gypsum as a substrate, adding a lightweight filler, the right amount of reinforcing fibers (asbestos-free) and a certain amount of special admixtures by mixing, casting molding, drying process and made.

1)Ordinary board: Diverse styles, clean lines and beautiful characters, used for railway stations, airports, theaters, swimming pools, hospitals, bars, conference rooms, gymnasiums, office buildings, clean rooms and so on.
2) Acoustic panels: Gypsum perforated plate on the back holes pad to put a layer of inorganic fiber, NRC: 0.5-0.82. For the industrial plant ceiling, radio and television recording room, studio, hotels, theaters, conference rooms and teaching House.
3) Grille board: Good ventilation, open and three-dimensional effects, can be another mounted grille lamp, simple light. Apply to supermarkets, shopping malls, exhibition halls, dance halls etc.

Advantages of High crystal board
Tengfei Putian high crystal ceiling board, midrange and high-end products have twenty-five years quality assurance. Compared with:
1) the aluminum ceiling panels: Have the same decorative effect, but the cost of Tengfei Putian high crystal board is lower;
2) mineral wool board: The cost is similar to the mineral wool board, but high crystal ceilings last for longer survive life, do not sag, do not change;
3) the gypsum board: The installation and maintenance of Tengfei high crystal ceilings is convenient and simple.

Recommended supporting/Ceiling frame
1) aluminum keel:
2) paint keel:
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