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Bilkim produce sculturing waxes and modeling waxes for all purposes and seasons.
BrandpolywaxTagsdental modeling wax
The POLYWAX SPRUE WAXES can be used int the process of patterns. In lower temperature, without compromising the quality of the mold the wax melts for a clean burnout and flexible yet firm enough for spruing and mounting pattern.
BrandpolywaxTagssprue wax
POLYCURE LC PATTERN RESIN is a red pigmented viscous light-cured, methacrylatebased utility resin and delivered via syringe. It is used for making patterns for fabricating copings, post and core build-ups and implant attachments.
BrandpolywaxTagslight cure
POLYCURE LC BLOCK OUT RESIN is a blue pigmented viscous light-cured, methacrylatebased utility resin and delivered via syringe. It is used for creating reservoir space in bleaching...
BrandpolywaxTagslight cure
The CLASP WAX produced by BILKIM is ideal and accurate, tough and coefficient of thermal expansion of small and good performance. There are many sizes and kinds for you to choose from.
BrandpolywaxTagsclasp wax
POLYCONE SILICONE DUPLICATING MATERIAL is used for any duplication requiring the ultimate in accuracy. Mixing Ratio is 1 part base to 1 part catalyst by volume or weight. set includes 1liter base + 1 liter catalyst + 1 measuring cup.
The Polywax® hard wax is a full body depilatory wax . The Polywax® hard wax can be applied safely in areas of the body such as the face and the delicate areas. Available in block (500 gr) and bead form (250 gr).
BrandpolywaxTagsdepilatory wax
The Study Model offers the perfect models to explore learned dentistry basics.
BrandpolywaxTagsstudy model
The Polywax Orthodontic wax ensures the gums and the linings of your cheeks and lips. It protects from the sharp parts of the orthodontic braces and wires. It is easily applied and conveniently packed.
The POLYWAX WAX BLANK are used in the fabrication of wax modeling, in the lost wax process for casting, making denture restorations and for frameworks for crown and bridge models . They are use for cast and pressing techniques.
The PMMA BLANK is developed to be used in milling machines for making temporary restorations, for gingiva formation after placing dental implants and for accurate determination of ...
BILKIM 's Products Quality and Customer Service continue to improve after many years of experience in the industry. We continue to upgrade our product line by developing new innovative products and refine the ones we already have.
the magical blend of the black cumin seed oil and white propolis.
BrandBalenTagsblack cumin seed oil
Royal jelly is a subtance that is secreted from the digestive system of worker bees that is fed to male bees and workers for a few days after they are born. The raw metarials of royal jelly are nectar and pollen.
Balen Filtered Flower Honey is a delicious food with a high nutritive value, produced by bees by transforming the nectar collected from flowers into honey, with the enzymes found in their bodies.
This product consists of a mixture of honey and bee pollen that is rich in vitamins and minerals and Ginseng, which is used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years to increase the resistance.
The herbal Mix Paste with Momordica Charantia is a mixture composed of mostly momordica charantia, many kinds of useful plant, Pine honey and bee polen.Its motherland is India is color is yellow and orange.
BrandBalenTagsMomordica Charantia
Omega 3 includes fatty acids which are important for human health. Those oil acids are the essential oil acids which are not produced by human body and must be taken externally. Omega 3 oil acids have three essential forms.
Rhizoma Curcumae is a native of the lndia region. It is cultivated in many tropical countries. it has yellow flowers, great leaves and rhizoma. It is perennial plant. The main comp...