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S8I MEDITECHS8i Color Portable Ultrasound ScannerApplication: Abdomen, OB&GYN, cardiology, vascular and small parts, urology, musculoskeletal, pediatrics and etcImage processing: T...
BrandMEDITECHTagsultrasound scanner app,ultrasound scanner device,ultrasound device,
S4I MEDITECHS4i adopts advanced high-precision digital beam former, acontinuous dynamic focusing, dynamic aperture and dynamicapodization changes, making the image real, rich in de...
BrandMeditechTagsultrasound scanner Manufacturer,ultrasound diagnostic,handheld ultrasound,
SPIROMETER TYPE: PLUS MEDITECHType: plus Spirometer is a hand-held equipment for checking lung conditions, adopts the infrared mode for measuring relative items, it is applicable for hospital, clinic, family for routine test.
BrandMEDITECHTagsspirometer handheld,spirometer home use,spirometer hospital
SPIROMETER TYPE: P MEDITECHPocket Spirometer with PC Spirometry reports. The Spirometer Type p is quick and easy to use as part of a routine physical examination. it comes with the...
BrandMeditechTagsspirometer handheld,spirometer home use,spirometer hospital
SPIROMETER TYPE:PRO MEDITECHThe portable pulmonary function measurement instrument can be used to measure vital capacity (VC), forced vital capacity (FVC), Maximum Ventilator Volume (MVV).
BrandMeditechTagsspirometer,meditech spirometry,Meditech SpirOx
MD9015T MEDITECHMD9015Touch screen 15 inch patient monitor 192-hour trend graph,1000 group of blood pressure list,ST segment measurements, arrhythmia analysis and more functions,Su...
BrandMeditechTagspatient monitor,Bluetooth ecg Monitor,multi parameter patient monitor
MD901F MEDITECHMD901F Advanced fetal monitor with large color screenLight dexterous appearance, tops horizontally and walls can be hoisted12.1 "screen color LCD display, rotatable ...
BrandMeditechGroupTagsSonotech Fetal doppler,fetal doppler probe,fetal doppler for pregnancy
SONOTECH® 5 MEDITECHSonotech®5 Wired probe fetal dopplerSonotech®5W Wireless probe fetal doppler (20-30 m)ecografia y doppler fetal,fetal doppler echo,fetal doppler for iphone Sonotech® 5 Probe : Frequancy 2.
BrandMeditechTagsfetal doppler,fetal heart doppler,Sonotech Fetal doppler
DEFI® 5C MEDITECHDefi® 5C Reliably runs daily self-tests for readiness,Cardiac arrest strikes, Meditech Defi5c gives you the power to help save a life, Safely delivers a shockAut...
BrandMeditechTagsDefibrillator , AED , AED defibrillator , china defibrillator ,defibrilador,
DEFI® 5 MEDITECHDefi® 5 Automatic (Atutomated) External Defibrillator "AED" is a safe, easy to use defibrillation device. The unit is lightweight and mobile and can be used in si...
BrandMeditechTagsautomated external defibrillator , ecg machine,defibrillator Monitor,biphasic defibrillator
DEFI® XPRESS MEDITECHDefi® Xpress is a defibrillator Monitorwith voice alarm which can meet your clinical needs from Basic Life Support (BLS)to Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).
BrandMeditechTagsDefibrillator , AED , AED defibrillator , china defibrillator ,defibrilador,automated external defibrillator
HAND-HELD MULTI-GAS ANALYZER CAPNOXI® PLUS AG MEDITECHCapnoxi® plus AG Handheld EtCO2 monitor Detecting gas: EtCO2, FiCO2, RR,EtN2O, FiN2O, EtAA, FiAA. High Precision.Monitoring ...
BrandMeditech EquipmentTagscapnography device,capnography normal values,CO2 monitor
Only 40 lbs, D500 can quickly fold up into one piece to fit in the truck of most cars, allow you free to go lifestyle; Made of aircraft aluminum, D500 can hold up to 220 lbs. the s...
BrandMoRelaxTagsPower chair,motorized wheelchair,power wheelchair,transport wheelchair,rehabilitation assistance device
Material: BK7, Fused Sicica, quartz,CaF2, BaF2, MgF2Size tolerance: ±001mmSurface Quality: 20-10Surface Flatness: Lambda/10Parallelism: 3 arcmin or betterCoating: According to customer requirements.
BrandJTOTagsoptics lens, Optical Lenses, Optical cylindrical Lens,Rod Lenses
Optical MirrorsCLZ Precision Optics provide Precision Grade Optical Mirrors, the optical mirror various substrates including N-BK7, low expansion borosilicate glass or fused silica.
BrandCLZTagsOptical Mirrors
IR Optical ComponentsHRFZ-Silicon Hyper Hemispherical lenses, Silicon LensesCLZ Optics manufacturing optical lenses, except optical glass lenses, we can produces Silicon lenses, sapphire lenses, fused silica lenses.
BrandCLZTagsIR Optical Components
Custom Domes Protective Small HousingCLZ optics has successfully made a small Optical lenses according to customized drawings.The outer radius 8.128mm, inner radius 6.858mm.The dom...
BrandCLZTagsCustom Domes Protective Small Housing
Optical components for university optical laboratoryCLZ Precision Optics is an established supplier of precision optical components for university optical laboratory and research...
BrandCLZTagsOptical components for university optical laboratory
Blank MaterialCLZ Precision Optics provide optical blank materials made of CDGM optical glass which is a leading professional optoelectronic materials supplier in China and has a certain influence in the world.
BrandCLZTagsBlank Material
Optical CoatingsAluminum coated mirrorsAluminum coated mirrors are a good option for many general broadband.Protected Aluminum coating is used for mirrors, it have protected with a...
BrandCLZTagsOptical Coatings