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This tube contains potassium oxalate / Sodium Fluoride as an anticoagulant and sodium fluoride as a preservative -- used to preserve glucose in whole blood and for some special chemistry tests.
BrandTUDTagsNaF, Blood Collection Tube, glucose
This tube is a plain containing no anticoagulant -- used for collection of serum for selected chemistry tests as well as clotted blood for immuno-hematology.
BrandTUDTagsSerum, No additive, blood collection tube
This tube contains Sodium Heparin / Lithium Heparin -- used for collection of heparinized plasma or whole blood for special tests.
BrandTUDTagsPlasma, Heparin, blood collection tube
This tube contains K2EDTA / K3EDTA as an anticoagulant -- used for most hematological procedures.
BrandTUDTagsEDTA blood collection tube