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Blood Collection Tube Spray and Filling Machine
Blood Collection Tube Spray and Filling Machine
Blood Collection Tube Spray and Filling Machine
AYJ-KT10 Automatic adjust quantitative spray and filling system applicable to special equipment which tube diameter ≥6mm, and within the tube of quantitative reagent adding and spray adding; such as: disposable vacuum blood collection tube of EDTAK2, EDTAK3, Heparin, heparin lithium reagents addition and atomization. If have precipitate reagents, can use mixing device prevent reagent precipitation, ensure uniform for liquid. Adding reagent scope can determine between 0 and 500μL. The machine has wide range and each time of liquid accurate and reproducible. The equipment full controls by the PLC, the main components all used imported brand, machine design according to GMP specifications, and all using 304 # high class stainless steel.
1. 10 nozzles filling liquid and atomizing at the same time,we can accord customer requirements to customized 15 or 20 nozzles;the positions are consistent and can adjust.
2. Quantitative liquid supply system according to clinical needs, can be set to 10μL, 15μL, 20μL, 200μL,400μL, etc., goodrepeatability, and can be controlled within ± 10%.
3. The speed of adding liquid atomization can be fast or slow, about an hour can produce about 30 000 PCS.
4. System operation is simple and effective. When have materials, automatic induction and automatic filling liquid and automatic atomization. When no material, no filling liquid.
5. Multi-usage, can be in different quantity, different reagent, add fluid, you can also spray treatment, convenient operation, PLC control accuracy and less labor.
6. The equipment can meet filling and spray reagents at12×75, 13×75, 13×100, 16×100 etc different height/different sizes tubes, adjust convenient and quickly.
7. The production of blood collection tube according to needs special design tube frame, test-tube caps can be added directly in vacuum machine, not other transfers.
8. Instrument equipped with automatic mixing device, to ensure uniformity of precipitation reagents for the liquid.
9. Fuselage with reagents contacts line and accessories are using corrosion resistant material.
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