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Product Details
Automatic Vacuum Pressure Capping System
Automatic Vacuum Pressure Capping System
Automatic Vacuum Pressure Capping System
AYJ-ZK200 Vacuum pressure capping system mainly consists of induction work and automatic control vacuum degree etc technologies, is integrated machine mainly suitable for different height and diameter of the Blood Collection Tube production process to quantify vacuum and pressure caps with tubes.
Product advantage:
1. Pressure of press blocks is large; after two times pressurization ensures caps and tubes compound, ensure the quality of the products.
2. The vacuum degree adjustment can according the product needs to any settings, corresponding vacuum volume can be set such as 1.6 ml, 1.8 ml, 2 ml, 3ml, 4ml, 5 ml and 7ml etc different specifications.
3. The machine has a unique set of vacuum sensor, high sensitivity, and good repeatability.
4. Vacuum doors are made by clairvoyant material, good diaphaneity, through the door can observe the whole process of vacuum pressure caps.
5. This machine operates simple, production speed fast, high efficiency, running stable and reliable, perminute can product about 200 PCS.
6. Electric and pneumatic parts adopt domestic and international famous brands, reliable
quality, and long service life, suitable for long time continuous work.
7. The machine according to GMP requirements to design, machine frame, guardrail, tube frame bracket etc are made by stainless steel materials, firm structure, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable, strong corrosion resistance.
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