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Product Details
Rubber Accelerator ZDEC
Rubber Accelerator ZDEC(EZ)
Chemical Name Zinc diethyl dithiocarbamate
Molecular Formula(C5H10NS2)2Zn
Molecular Weight361.91
CAS No.14324-55-1
AppearanceWhite powder
Initial Melting point ℃≥174.0
Heating Loss:%≤0.30
Zn Content % ≤16.8-18.8
Residue 150μmSieve %≤0.10
Used for NR, IR, BR, SBR, NBR, EPDM and their latexes. A fast curing primary or secondary effective ultra-accelerator for natural and synthetic latex form compounds, can be used advantageously for dipped, spread, and cast goods.
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