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Aesseal Tow Seal 160 Mechanical sealDescription:Replacement to:Aesseal TOW seal1. Operational Conditions: Temperature: -20ºC to +180ºCPressure: ≤1.2MPaSpeed: ≤10m/s1. Materia...
BrandAesseal Tow Seal 160 Mechanical sealTagsAesseal Tow Seal 160 Mechanical seal
Description:Replacement to:Mounted semi-cartridge seals with push-fit head Suitable for Grundfos Pumps1. Operational Conditions: Temperature: -20ºC to +180ºCPressure: ≤1.2MPaSpeed: ≤10m/s2.
BrandGLF-6TagsGrundfos Pump Seals
Flygt Pumps 3101 mechanical sealUnbalanced Mechanical Pump Seal for Flygt Pumps 3101Type:Flygt 3101 pump Shaft size: as requirementMeterials :Seals Faxe:Tungsten carbideElastomer:V...
BrandFlygt Pumps 3101 mechanical sealTagsFlygt 3101 mechanical seal
Specifications:Replace Flygt Seal 3085 Shaft size: as requirementUpper Seal: TC/NBR Lowe Seal: TC/NBRReplace Flygt Seal 3085Shaft size: as requirementUpper Seal: TC/NBRLowe Seal: TC/NBR.
Brand3085 Flygt Pumps SealTags3085 Flygt Pumps Seal
Flygt TYPE 3102 Water Pump Mechanical Seal Pump Frame Type: Flygt 3102 PumpsShaft Size: 25mm Materials: Seal FaceCarbon, Ceramic, Tungsten CarbideElastomer:Viton, NitrileMetal Part...
BrandFlygtTagsFlygt 3102 Seal
Flygt Pump seal Mechanical SealsApplications:Pressure: ≤ 1.2Mpa;Temperature: -30--200 ° CSpeeds: 10m/sMaterials: 1Temperature -30ºC~180ºC 2 Pressure Less than 1.5MPa 3 Speed L...
BrandFlygtTags3135 Flygt pump seals
Description:mechanical seal,for blower pump, diving pump,circulating pump, replace the mechanical seal of Burgmann and John Crane Operations Conditions:Temperature:-20ºC to +120ºCPressure:≤0.
BrandWB2 Teflon Bellows Mechanical SealTagsWB2 Teflon Bellows Mechanical Seal
Roten Uniten 5 Mechanical sealDescription:Replacement to:VULCAN TYPE7D SEALS, UNITEN 5 SEALSRoten Uniten 5 seal1. Operational Conditions: Temperature: -30ºC to +200ºCPressure: ≤0.8MPaSpeed: ≤18m/s2.
BrandRoten Uniten 5 Mechanical sealTagsRoten Uniten 5 Mechanical seal
140/142/143 Vulcan Mechanical SealOperations Conditions:Temperature:-20ºC to +120ºCPressure:≤1.0MPaSpeed:≤15m/sMaterials:Stationary Ring:Ceramic(Alumina),Silicon Carbide Reac...
BrandVulcanTags140-142-143 Mechanical seal
Vulcan 40 Water Pump Mechanical Seal1. Operational Conditions: Temperature: -20ºC to +180ºCPressure: ≤2.5MPaSpeed: ≤15m/s2. Materials: Stationary Ring: Silicon Carbide, TCRot...
BrandVulcan 40TagsMechanical Seal
Vulcan 24 Mechanical seal To Burgmann to MG912/ D1-G60 sealDescription:Burgmann to MG912/ D1-G60 sealJohn Crane 521 sealAesseal P03 sealFlowserve 240 sealLatty T400 sealRoplan RB03 sealRoten 52/ L4K sealSealol 43 Din sealSterling 522 seal1.
BrandBurgmannTagsVulcan 24 Mechanical seal
Us2 Single Spring Mechanical SealDescription:1. Operational Conditions: Temperature: -20ºC to +180ºCPressure: ≤1.0MPaSpeed: ≤15m/s2. Materials: Stationary Ring: Carbon, Silic...
BrandUs2TagsMechanical seal
Type 2 Series John Crane Mechanical Seal Replacement to:John Crane 2 type sealAesseal P0204U sealFlowserve 52 sealUS Seal D seal1. Operational Conditions:Temperature: -20ºC to +120ºCPressure: ≤1.
BrandType 2 Series Mechanical sealTagsMechanical seal
MG912 Mechanical seal replace to Burgmann M9Description:mechanical seal,for blower pump, diving pump,circulating pump Operations Conditions:Temperature:-20ºC to +120ºCPressure:...
BrandBurgmann M9TagsMG912 Mechanical seal
Burgmann Mg1 Mg12 Mg13 Mechanical SealDescription:Burgmann MG1 seal / MG12 seal /MG13 seal/MGS20 seal & G60 stationaryAesseal B02/B012/B013 sealFlowserve Pac-Seal 190 / Pac-Seal 19...
BrandBurgmannTagsMg1,Mg12, Mg13 Mechanical seal
MFL85N Burgmann Mechanical Seal Description:1. Operational Conditions: Temperature: -50ºC to +200ºCPressure: ≤1.0MPaSpeed: ≤20m/s2. Materials: Stationary Ring: Silicon Carbid...
BrandBurgmannTagsMFL85N Mechanical Seal
M7N Burgmann Bellow Pump Shaft Mechanical Seal Replacement to:Burgmann M7N/ M78N sealAesseal W07DM sealFlowserve Europac 600 sealSterling 270 seal1. Operational Conditions:Temperature:-30ºC to +210ºCPressure: ≤1.
BrandBurgmannTagsM7N Mechanical Seal
M7 Series Mechanical SealsDescription:Replacing the mechanical seal of Burgmann and John Crane.1. Operational Conditions:Temperature:-40ºC to +200ºCPressure: ≤0.8MPaSpeed: ≤1...
BrandM7TagsMechanical Seals
M3N Burgmann Mechanical seal1.Single seal2.Unblanced3.Conical spring4.Dependent on direction of rotation5.To EN12756(DIN24960)Structure:Single seal,Unbalanced,dependent of directio...
BrandBurgmann M3NTagsMechanical seal
John Crane T109, T9, T909 Mechanical SealReplacement to:John Crane T109, T9, T909 sealAesseal M01 sealRoten 90 sealSealol T sealSterling 290 sealOperations Conditions:Temperature:-40ºC to +250ºCPressure:≤1.
BrandJohn Crane T109, T9, T909 seal, Aesseal M01 seal,Roten 90 seal,Sealol T seal, Sterling 290 sealTagsT109, T9, T909 Mechanical Seal