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LXLZ paper pulp pumpLXLZ two-phase flow paper pulp pump is a new type of impurity pump designed and manufactured to transport solid-liquid two-phase fluids/slurry/pulp according to the advanced two-phase flow theory at home and abroad.
Brandkenshine-pumpTagspulp pump,chemical pump,sewage pump,industrial pump,slurry pump,centrifugal pump
IS type Horizontal end suction water pump/ overhung centrifugal pump.This type of pump is suitable for industrial and urban water supply, drainage. It can also be used for agricultural drainage and irrigation.
Brandkenshine-pumpTagscentrifugal pump,end suction pump,water pump,horizontal pump,irrigation pump,booster pump,drainage pump,supply pump
Quality is in the first place at any time!Qingdao Tianwei regards quality as important as life.We have a very professional and high efficient team of quality management.Every part ...
BrandTWTagsChinese investment casting,Shandong Casting,silica-gel,water-glass
Non-clogging pulp pump widely used in sewage treatment paper millsStructural characteristicsKWP non-clogging centrifugal pump is the introduction of German KSB technology, horizont...
BrandNon-clogging pulp pump widely used in sewage treatment paper millsTagsNon-clogging pulp pump widely used in sewage treatment paper mills
High-efficiency energy-saving Foam Pump transport foam containing slurryStructural characteristicsKSF series foam pump is a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving product. The f...
BrandHigh-efficiency energy-saving Foam Pump transport foam containing slurryTagsHigh-efficiency energy-saving Foam Pump transport foam containing slurry
gear pump for komatsu, alumlium bady, low noise, 20Mp, 25 max Mp.
BrandWXTagsgear pump oil pump
GW Vertical pipeline sewage pump not clogging drainage pumpGW type non-clogging pipeline sewage pump is a new generation of pump product which is successfully developed on the basi...
Brandkenshine-pumpTagssewage pump,vertical pump,centrifugal pump,pipeline pump,transfer pump,circulating pump,drainage pump,effluent pump,wastewater pump,trash pump,not clogging pump,china pump
LW Vertical not-clogging sewage pump is used to transfer the waste water with fiber diameter 5 times as pump diameter or the solid particles diameter 50% as the pump diameter. LW v...
Brandkenshine-pumpTagssewage pump,centrifugal pump,effluent pump,drainage pump,wastewater pump,trash pump,not clogging pump,china pump,pump factory
SZ type fiberglass reinforced plastics corrosion resistant self-priming pump.The flow components for SZ fiberglass self priming pump are made of the modified phenolic fiberglass reinforced plastic material by high temperature molding.
Brandkenshine-pumpTagscentrifugal pump,chemical pump,transfer pump,circulating pump,corrosion resistant pump
Spare PartsWe are manufacturer of slurry pump and pump parts in China.Not only  wet parts such as impeller, volute liner, throatbush, FPL insert,  but also casing, seal, o ring,...
BrandhbtdbyTagsslurry pump
Vertical Long Shaft PumpSubmersible PumpHot sale various high quality ertical Long Shaft Pumps from China leading manufacturer. Our Vertical Long Shaft Pump is safe and reliable, cost effective and deliver more benefits.
BrandhbtdbyTagsSubmersible Pump
WQ Submersible Sewage PumpSubmersible PumpLarge Flow Submersible PumpWQ submersible sewage pump is non-clogging sewage pump developed on the basis of the introduction of advanced technology from abroad.
BrandhbtdbyTagsSubmersible Pump
ZLB Vertical Axial Flow PumpSubmersible PumpLarge Flow Submersible Pump, Submersible Water Pump, Vertical Axial Flow PumpFeatures:The transmission temperature should not be above 50 ℃.
BrandLarge Flow Submersible Pump, Submersible Water Pump, Vertical Axial Flow PumpTagsSubmersible Pump
Multistage PumpHorizontal Water Pumpwater pumpHorizontal multistage water pumpD pump can deliver water without solid particle or the liuquid samliar to water, and the temprature should be less than 80℃.
BrandhbtdbyTagsHorizontal Water Pump
1. RY high temperature oil pump single stage hot oil transfer centrifugal pump is a kind of centrifugal pump, suitable for heat-conduction oil, or other high temperature oil transfer with temperature≤370°C.
BrandkenshineTagscentrifugal pump,sanitary pump,stainless steel pump,chemical industry pump,pump,transfer pump,booster pump,food pump,china pump
We do different kinds Gear boxes, housings and valve for Auto spare parts acc. to the coming drawing and specifications.
BrandOEMTagsAuto spare parts
We do the wind turbine shafts for Sweden and Holland with the process of Open die forging and machining.
BrandOEMTagswind turbine SHAFTS
We do different kinds of railwheel (such as 18",20", 24", 28", 30" railwheels), spike puller claw, Tamper swivel bracket, press bars, etc for the railway maintenance-of-way tools and machinery.
BrandOEMTagsailway maintenance-of-way tools and machinery
We do the pumps acc. to the customers coming drawings with the material of Gray iron or Stainless steels.
BrandOEMTagsCasting Pump
Mono Screw PumpNo API610 Chemical PumpAPI610 Chemical Pump, Screw PumpSingle screw pump has been widely used in developed countries, the German said “Mono pump“.Because of its ...
BrandBOGONGTagsAPI610 Chemical Pump, Screw Pump