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ABB Motors

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ABB Motors
ABB Motors
ABB Motors
ABB Motors
ABB Motors
ABB Motors

AMA 450L10L 1059 HXR 355LD2 97 AMA 450L10L 1060 HXR 355LC4 208AMA 500L10L 1061 HXR 355LE6 323AMA 500L10L 1062 HXR 400LH8 429AMA 500L10L 1063 HXR 400LK10 516AMA 500L10L 1161 HXR 450LK12 603AMA 400L12L 1064 HXR 400LD2 98 AMA 400L12L 1065 HXR 355LD4 209AMA 400L12L 1066 HXR 400LD6 324AMA 400L12L 1067 HXR 400LH8 430AMA 400L12L 1068 HXR 450LF10 517AMA 400L12L 1069 HXR 450LN12 604AMA 400L12L 1070 HXR 400LE2 99 AMA 450L12L 1071 HXR 400LC4 210AMA 450L12L 1072 HXR 400LE6 325AMA 450L12L 1073 HXR 450LE8 431AMA 450L12L 1074 HXR 450LH10 518AMA 450L12L 1075 HXR 500LJ12 605AMA 500L12L 1076 HXR 400LG2 100AMA 500L12L 1077 HXR 400LE4 211AMA 500L12L 1078 HXR 400LH6 326AMA 500L12L 1170 HXR 450LG8 432AMA 400L2L 1 HXR 450LK10 519AMA 400L2L 2 HXR 500LM12 606AMA 400L2L 3 HXR 450LG2 101AMA 400L2L 4 HXR 400LF4 212AMA 400L2L 5 HXR 450LE6 327AMA 450L2L 6 HXR 450LH8 433AMA 450L2L 7 HXR 450LM10 520AMA 450L2L 8 HXR 500LP12 607AMA 500L2L 9 HXR 450LK2 102AMA 500L2L 10 HXR 400LH4 213AMA 500L2L 11 HXR 450LG6 328AMA 500L2L 578 HXR 450LM8 434AMA 400L4L 8637 HXR 500LL10 521AMA 400L4L 13 HXR 500LR12 608AMA 400L4L 14 HXR 500LH2 103AMA 400L4L 15 HXR 450LH4 214AMA 400L4L 16 HXR 450LJ6 329AMA 450L4L 17 HXR 500LL8 435AMA 450L4L 18 HXR 500LN10 522AMA 450L4L 19 HXR 560LJ12 701AMA 500L4L 20 HXR 500LM2 104AMA 500L4L 21 HXR 450LL4 215AMA 500L4L 22 HXR 500LG6 330AMA 500L4L 23 HXR 500LN8 436AMA 500L4L 472 HXR 500LR10 523AMA 400L6L 8642 HXR 560LN12 702AMA 400L6L 25 HXR 500LQ2 105AMA 400L6L 26 HXR 500LJ4 216AMA 400L6L 27 HXR 500LK6 331AMA 400L6L 28 HXR 500LS8 437AMA 450L6L 29 HXR 560LM10 698AMA 450L6L 30 HXR 560LS12 703AMA 450L6L 31 HXR 560LM8 695AMA 450L6L 32 HXR 560LR10 699AMA 450L6L 33 HXR 500LL4 217AMA 500L6L 34 HXR 500LP6 332AMA 500L6L 35 HXR 560LK6 691AMA 500L6L 473 HXR 560LR8 696AMA 500L6L 474 HXR 560LU10 700AMA 400L8L 36 HXR 500LR4 218AMA 400L8L 37 HXR 560LK4 688AMA 400L8L 38 HXR 560LP6 692AMA 400L8L 39 HXR 560LU8 697AMA 400L8L 40 HXR 560LS4 689AMA 400L8L 41 HXR 560LS6 693AMA 450L8L 42 HXR 560LT4 690HXR 560LU6 694

Other brand of Motor we can supply as follows:
Mabuchi, Toshiba, Hitachi, Siemens, Maxon, GE, GENERAL ELECTRIC, WEG, AXI, Bodine, Emerson, FASCO, A.O.Simith, Badolor, Dayton, ABB , Brook Corporation, Tech-westinghouse, Kawasaki, Pittman, etc.

Other type of Motor we can supply as follows:
DC Motor , AC motor, High voltage motor, Low Voltage Motor, Pump motor, Gear Motor, Servo motor, Asynchronous Motor, Synchronous Motor, Condenser Fan Motor, Bearing Motor, Single phase motor, 3-phase motor, Hydraulic Motor, explosive-proof motor etc.

Any interested products please feel free contact us !

Contact Information

Contact PersonLu Deng
Fax Number+86-28-86129221
Post Code610000
Address#10 West 2nd Street, Wuhou District,Chengdu,Sichuan,China
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