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APG 868 Lifelong service automatic injection moulding apg machine APG 868 Lifelong service automatic injection moulding apg machine APG 868 Lifelong service automatic injection moulding apg machine APG 868 Lifelong service automatic injection moulding apg machine APG 868 Lifelong service automatic injection moulding apg machine
APG 888 Lifelong service High Pressure APG Molding Machine for SF6
A. APG machine usage:
It is mainly used for making epoxy resins products such as transformers,12KV-1250A,3150A insulation cylinder,spout,bushings,wall bushings,bending plate,SF6 insulating cover,Bushing SF6 ect.
B.APG machine APG-888 technical data:
Clamping Plate 800*800
Upper and Lower Core-pulling Stroke 500mm,350mm
Mould Clamping Force 200KN
Mould Clamping Speed 3.2m/min
Max Mould Clamping Distance 1300mm
Min Mould Clamping Distance 250mm
Power of Hydraulic Station 4KW
Heating Power 9.6KW
Inclination Angle of Complete Machine Horizontal 0~5centigrade
Mould-filling Weight 8T
Outline Dimension 3700*1200*3030mm
Machine Weight
APG-888 APG machine working process:
1.Installing and heating molds on mold plates, lock mold, heating molds up to 60°c,open molds,brush mold release agent, close molds, until temperature up to 145-150°c.
2.Pre-mixing casting compound (resin,curing agent,color paste and silica power), vacuumiz when mixing,on the mxing pot, turn on air release valve when the vacuum gage show –0.1.
3.Injection ready compound into molds, push mixing pot nearby the machine, connect pipe from mixing pot to mold, pressure compound into mold until full injection.
4.Curing, release air before open mold, move the ready products into oven start to curing.
C: YIBO Company advantages:
1.The only manufacturer who is professional manufacture APG machine, APG molds,Toroidal winding machine, we can supply one-station service,with best factory price.
2.Professional rich experience engineers and research team, our engineers have 25 experience who serviced many years in ABB, he also joined to modify the first APG machine in 1997.
3.Have a line and lab special for producing epoxy resin products, our principle is we promise make qualified products, testing in our lab first, then delivery machines to clients.
4.Professional Technique training, our engineer available training technique overseas or you send engineers learn technique from our factory.
5. Best and full range of service:
Before service: We supply customized design of machine based on clients products, such as mold 3D design.
Mid- service: We promise adopts good quality materials and electronic components to supply best machine to clients.
After-service: We guarantee 12 month quality warranty peroid, and we responsible for training clients control the APG technique.
D:APG machine technology advantages:
1.Good product quality, fine surface finish of products without bubbles.
2. High efficiency,This increases the clamping machine capacity by up to 30%. Our machines are divided into 5 different categories that practically cover all the needs of our customers for a highly efficient production.
3.Chemical resistance,electrical insulation,stenght resistance greatly improved.
4.High automation ,There only need one or two workers operate the machine, the efficiency is greatly raised but the intensity of labor is decreased.
5.Power saving,The machine is power saving design, can save a lot of cost.
6.Lab,we have a modern test lab to test epoxy resin products for electrical, mechanical and thermal properties.
7. Engineers highly qualified and talented engineers.
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