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QINGDAO HECHENG CENTURY METAL TECH CO.,LTD. , possesses a high-quality team in professional research, product manufacture and marketing. Since the foundation of our company, we have researched and produced a series of glass equipment.
BrandHECHENGTagscast glass rolling machinery
5 in 1 Combo Heat Press MachineSwing-away design.Digital time/temp controller, upgraded aluminium alloy cradle for use of the mugs, hats & pads elementsLarge size Heat Press, provi...
BrandautiadigitalTagsheat press machine
1) Epson DX5 printhead, double 4 colors(CC.MM,YY,KK) support, can achieve the satisfactory resolution 3200dpi,high printing quality.2) Original Japan Lead rail for the carriage movement with low noise,low resistance,and no vibration.
BrandautiadigitalTagsSublimation Paper Printer
1. Double I3200 head high speed printing2. Two stage dryer high efficiency3. No need cut, No need tear, No white edge4. Easy to use, labor saving5. 30CM suitable for A3 / A4 directly to film printing6.
BrandautiadigitalTagsDTF Printer
Manual Pen Heat Press MachineFeatures1. 6 grooves can print 6pcs pen at one time2. Digital controller;3.recommend 6IN1 pen printing Tempreture&time:160C/35S;4.Humanized Design,Easy to Put the Pen.
BrandautiadigitalTagsheat press machine
As the current food industry is developing along the trend of high competition, low profits, and generally increasing labor costs, food processing companies must face the choice of...
BrandSenFeng MachineryTagsIndustrial Cooking Pot With Mixer
Industrial Planetary Stand mixers vary in size from small cooking mixer models 100 liter -650 liter for large capacity commercial machines. Stand mixers create the mixing action by either.
BrandSenFeng MachineryTagsIndustrial Planetary Stirring Cooking Mixer Machine
Commercial Fryer Oil Filters|Oil Filter MachineOil collection cart: After nuts being fried ready, they will be poured automatically into the cart with sifting bed. Oil will be drai...
BrandSenFeng MachineryTagsCommercial Fryer Oil Filters|Oil Filter Machine
The production line mainly consists of 3 parts: industrial cooker, oil collection cart and Star Anise Mixing Machine, all of which are made of high quality stainless steel SUS 304,...
BrandSenFeng MachineryTagsCommercial Star Anise Mixing Machine
Introduction of Star anise flavoring machine:Eight corner tube Mixing machine. The utility model relates to a machine for mixing and rotating a variety of materials together, which...
BrandSenFeng MachineryTagsIndustrial Star Anise Seasoning Machine For Snack Processing
After nuts being drained free from oil, they will be immediately and automatically discharged into the Commercial Star Anise Mixing Machine for coating with sesame, coco powder, fruit powder, etc.
BrandSenFeng MachineryTagsStar Anise Flavoring Machine Agitation Tea Flavoring Mixer Barrel
Fully Capped Industrial Cooking Mixer Machine is an automatic and semi-automatic cooking mixer (from 100L to 650L) .Cooking Curry Paste Thai-curry Sauce Cooking Mixer MachineIndustrial Cooking mixer specializes in food processing.
BrandSenFeng MachineryTagsFully Capped Industrial Cooking Mixer Machine
The Commercial Flat Cover Powder Cooking Mixer Machine are adaptable for numerous mixing tasks and are available in different sizes and designs to befit different purposes.Industri...
BrandSenFeng MachineryTagsCommercial Flat Cover Powder Cooking Mixer Machine
"Industrial Pressure Cooking Machine are an excellent tool for achieving consistent, delicious and easily manageable meals in a fraction of the time of conventional cooking," said ...
BrandSenFeng MachineryTagsSoy Beans Industrial Pressure Cooking Machine
Industrial High Pressure Cookers are ideal for cooking and stewing meat, vegetables, legumes and cereals. The finished product will retain the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
BrandSenFeng MachineryTagsManual Flange Type Industrial Pressure Cooking Pot
Why Longze Machinery Ring Flange Type Industrial Pressure Cooking Pot? Ring Flange Type Industrial Pressure Cooking Pot is a fast and efficient way to cook food. The appliance uses...
BrandSenFeng MachineryTagsRing Flange Type Industrial Pressure Cooking Pot
Not all Mechanical Flange Type Industrial High Pressure Cookers were created equal and it can be confusing to know which one is right for you. Don’t just go for the best rated model – find the right one for your needs.
BrandSenFeng MachineryTagsMechanical Flange Type Industrial Pressure Cooking Pot
Sugar Beans Industrial Vacuum Cooking Pot speed up cooking and prevent discoloration and flavor loss by causing evaporation to occur at lower temperatures than normal. Pressure Coo...
BrandSenFeng MachineryTagsSugar Beans Industrial Vacuum Cooking Pot
Hydraulic Tilting Cooking Mixer effective sauting method aided by its unique mixing tool and technology makes large volume cooking very easy. Steam Heated Manual Jacketed Kettle Co...
BrandSenFeng MachineryTagsFully Automatic Hydraulic Tilting Cooking Mixer Machines
If you are ever looking for a wonderful addition to a dessert, then milk jam is what you are after. How to Make Milk Jam?Start with combining the sugar and vanilla bean.Cook the mixture for about 1 hour.
BrandSenFeng MachineryTagsFully Automatic Cooking Mixing Machines