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Sesame seeds and sesame oil is one of the products we produce and supply both locally and internationally.For quality sesame seeds and oil,and for timely deliveries,kindly get directly to us Come one come all-Thanks.
BrandSESAME SEEDS AND OILTagsSesame seeds,sesame oil
We produce and supply the best quality refined sunflower oil in bulk and internationally . Our products are pure and shiny,cholesterol free and low fatty acid,shiny colour and odourless.
BrandSunflower oilTagssunflower oil,refined,shiny
We are exporters of chia seed in cameroon with a supply capacity of aprox. 1,000 mt/ year. These seeds are one of the most powerful in the world. We are exporters of chia seed in cameroon with a supply capacity of aprox.
BrandChia SeedsTagschia seeds, silva hispanica
Large white kidney beans. size max 45beans/ 100gr. size max 50beans/ 100gr. size max 55beans/ 100gr. size max 65 beans/ 100gr. size max 85 beans/ 100gr.
Branddried grainsTagswhite kidney beans
Dear Sirs, We want to buy Frozen Halal Whole Chicken & Chicken Parts.
Brandchicken partsTagsFrozen chicken, chicken feet, chicken parts
We equally have dried shark fins, dried with no smell or mildew, straight cuts and are all in excellent sizes. Dried sea cucumber ,shark jaws and shark teeth for sale. Dried fish maw, dried teet fish and dried sand fish.
Branddried sea cucumberTagsseacucumber
Great quality , quantity and naturally sun dried,none sprayed and with now smell dried seahorse ready for sale.we deal with three species being Hippocampus reidi (Longsnout seahors...
1. Robusta coffee grade 1, screen18 Moisture: 12.5% max Admixture :0.5% max Black & Broken beans: 2% Above screen 18: 90% 2. Robusta coffee bean -Grade 1, screen 16 Moisture :12.5% max.
BrandCoffeeTagsarabica, robusta, coffee
SPECIFICATION Moisture ( % ) 8 % Max Bean Counts 100 / 100 g Moulds 5 % Max. Slaty 5 % Max. Plate Count < 5,000 col/g Yeast < 5,000 col/g Defect 1 % Max. E.Coli Negative Total Defects 6 % Max.
Brandcocoa beansTagscocoa beans
1) Origin: Cameroon 2) Variety: Normal white and pure white 3) Size: 4.5, 5.0,5.5, 6.0 ,6.5cm 4) Grade:A or B 5) Packing: loose packing, small packing a) loose packing: 10kg/20kg mesh bag, 10kg/20kg carton box.
Sesame seed is seed of Sesamum indicum pedaliaceae family. Seeds origin from top quality soil. It is carefully cleaned before it is hulled or sold. It is extensively used for the a...
BrandSesameTagssesame seeds, Sesamum indicum
Black pepper specification: black pepper is native to south west region of Cameroon. Its oil can be used to help in the treatment of pain relief, rheumatism, chills, flu, colds, increase circulation and exhaustion.
Brand550g/lTagsblack pepper
For over 50 years ELM Co. LTD has been the leading trading company of hardwood charcoal. We offer a variety of types that include Hardwood and Quebracho Blanco. Through our unique ...
BrandCharcoalTagscharcoal, bbq
Peanut in shell Size - 7/9; 9/11; 11/13; 13/15 Moisture - 8.5% max. Imperfect grains - 5.5% max. Admixture - 0.5% max. Peanut kernels Size - Long shape: 24/28;28/32;34/38;38/42;45/55 Round shape: 25/29;29/33;35/39;39/43 Moisture - 8% max.
BrandCami Food TradingTagsPeanuts
Pistachios Nuts, Pistachios Nuts Non-opened: .
BrandCami Food TradingTagsPistachios Nuts
Almonds Aflatoxin B1: 2ppb max Total Aflatoxin: 4ppb max Ochratoxin A: 10ppb max Free Fatty Acid: 1% max Peroxide Value: 10 meq/kg Shell: 1 per 12.5kg Other Foreign Matter: Nil Metal Detection: Ferrous 3mm Non Ferrous 3.
BrandCami Food TradingTagsAlmonds
Hazelnuts Moisture: 4% max Shell: 1 per 12.5kg max Other Foreign Matter: Nil Fat Diffusion: 5% max Aflatoxin B1: 2 ppb max Total Aflatoxin: 4 ppb max Ochratoxin A: 10 ppb max Free ...
BrandCami Food TradingTagsHazelnuts
Soybean Oil Free Fatty Acid: A1V1.25%Max Moisture and Volatile matters: 0.20%Max special Impurities: 0.10%Max Lecithin (Expressed in Phosphor): 0.02%Max Sediment (Gardner Break test): 0.
BrandCami Food TradingTagsSoybean Oil
We are producer and Exporter of Vegetable Cooking Oil, Sunflower Oil, Soy Bean Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Canola Oil. At Cami Food Trading, we export Peanuts, Pecan nuts, Cashew nuts, Almonds, Hazelnuts and Walnuts.
BrandCami Food TradingTagsVegetable Cooking Oil, Sunflower Oil, Soy Bean Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Canola Oil.
Walnut Damaged: < 3 % Foreign Matter: < 0.5% Odours/Flavours: None Moisture content: < 5% Shell Pieces: < 0.1% FFA: < 2 % PV: < 5 Meq/kg.
BrandCami Food TradingTagsWalnuts