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Our organic quinoa comes from Ayacucho, in the Andeans.We guarantee a product free of pesticide residues, according to the MRL regulated by the FDA. Our product is HACCP and BRC certified.
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We can say that the seeds of this plant are a superfood, a complete food. Recent research confirms the health benefits of Chia seeds. They stand out for their high content in healt...
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Black quinoa is a product that has the same proteins as White and Red Quinoa, the difference being that it is rich in lithium, which is a regulator of depression, acts as a tranquilizer.
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Red quinoa is rich in minerals and essential vitamins and has no gluten. According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, which provides a complete nutrient profile. One cup of sewn red quinoa has 222 calories.
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Quinoa presents an exceptional quality of protein by its high content of essential amino acids, standing out lysine, which is a basic nutrient for the development of the neurological system, especially in children.
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