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Meat bucket lifterThe lifter which our company produced have two types:moving and fixed.LUKUAN lifter isspecially for the 200L standard meat truck.The function is to lift the mater...
BrandLukuanMachineryTagsMeat bucket lifter, meat lifter for food, meat processing
Sausage wire binding machine 1.The machine adopts imported advanced servo point set automatic control system, accuratepositioning. 2.Body is made of high quality stainless steel to reduce secondary pollution and meet foodSafety standards.
BrandLukuanMachineryTagsAutomatic Sausage Knotting Machine, Machine
Vacuum sausage filler stufferThe machine combined with Chinese actual conditions.draws wide rang or advantages frompenumatic piston filling machine at home and abroad.Its our own newest products.
BrandLukuanMachineryTagsVacuum sausage filler stuffer, Sausage filler, Sausage stuffer
Frozen meat slicer&cutter It is our newest Frozen Meat Slice『.which is researched and developed by ourselves.Itadopts international advanced technology.one piece frozen meat ot-18·c can be directly cutinto slices.
BrandLukuanMachineryTagsfrozen meat slicer machine, machine, frozen meat cutter, Frozen meat slicer
meat vacuum stuffing mixing machine The machine is made of high quality stainless steel material.biaxial elliptical ratio fanblade spiral arrangement.can put all kinds of porridge ...
BrandLukuanMachineryTagsMeat vacuum mixer, meatprocessingmacine, macine
Sausage cutting machine The machine is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, the key parts are manufactured bymachining center to ensure the machining accuracy and positioning ...
BrandLukuanMachineryTagsAutomatic Sausage cutter, SausagemakingMachine, cutting machine, machine
Mechanical Aluminum-Coil Dual Clipper It is the simple mechanical structure clipping machine which is developedindependently.simple structure ,low fault and high clipping speed.well shaping effect thatobtain many National patents.
BrandLukuanMachineryTagsSausage tying machine, Sausagecasingclipper, machine, Coil Dual Clipper
Great wall shaped sausage clipping machine for R-clips 1.This clipping machine can fall into two types:electromagnetic clutch drive and servomotor drive. 2.The speed of electromagnetic clutch can’t be adjusted.
BrandLukuanMachineryTagsSausage tying machine, machine, clipping machine
Manual U shaped sausage clipping machine 1.Manual Operation, Labor-saving, Good stable,with high quality and low price.2.Simple operation, save time and strength, good sealing performance.
BrandLukuanMachineryTagsSausage tying machine, Sausagecasingclipper, clipper macine
Sausage loops for sausage casing1.Specification and type of our sausage loops are complete, can stand for import.2.Guaranteed material quality,Loops available twisted in one, two or three colors.
BrandLukuanMachineryTagsSausage loops, Loops for sausage, Sausage maker loops
escriptionAluminum clip wire 1. Purity of the aluminum is 99.7%,,tensile strength is 100-140mpa,extension degree is 18% 2.Our aluminum clip wire has no joints, scratches and broken bends, and the models arecomplete.
BrandLukuanMachineryTagsAluminum clip wire, sausage casing wire, Aluminum wire
Aluminum U shaped sausage clips for food sealing1.This kind of clip is used in POLY, TECHOPACK German or domestic tying machine. Eachtechnical target advanced import level. Specifi...
BrandLukuanMachineryTagssausage clip, Sausage casing clips, U shapedsausage clip
U shaped S-clipProduct details:1.Applicable to various soft packaging seals such as ham sausage, silicone glue, emulsion explosive, fruit packaging, garlic packaging, supermarket s...
BrandLukuanMachineryTagssausage U clip, sausage clip, aluminumsausage clip
Aluminum Great Wall Shaped R ClipsProduct details:1.Our 15 and 18 series R-clip can adopt to kinds of clipping machine.2.Our specification is complete,technical indicators can meet with international standard.
BrandLukuanMachineryTagssausage R clip, sausage clip, great wall clip
Aluminum great wall shaped R-ID clipsProduct details:Our R-ID Clips can adopt to some of automatic double-clippers and automaticsealing/clipping machines.Our specification is compl...
BrandLukuanMachineryTagssausage clips, sausage R-ID clip, great wall clip
Shandong Zeko Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhucheng, Shandong Province. It is adjacent to the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao in the east, Rizhao in the south, and Weifang, the "Kite Capital" in the north.
BrandzekoTagsmeat saline injector machine
Color&Shape Sorting,Beyond Your Expectation!ABT CS series is a multi-purpose color sorter newly designed&developed by Hefei Obote Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. With robust...
BrandABT YJTTagscolor sorter
The de-huller process each size separately by adjusting the roller’s slit. Those un-hulled almond will be conveyed back for next round de-hulling automatically.Component: hopper, elevator, de-huller, conveyor.
BrandinovaTagsAlmond huller
The equipment is our Patented product with independent intellectual property, which contains 3 national patents. It can be used to de-hull and remove shells. The seeds are processed in a continuous circle.
BrandinovaTagsPumpkin seed
YMTF-1000 is designed to de-hull, remove shells, separate and re-separate for oats. The machine features low electricity consumption, compact structure, minimum space occupation, l...
BrandinovaTagsOat sheller