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Food Processing Machinery Hot Sale
Food Processing Machinery Hot Sale
Brief introduction of food processing machinery :

This food processing machinery is a small production line of pasteurized milk, streamline production processes, easy operation. Milk production in strict accordance with the national standard manufacturing processes. End products meet the food requirements of GMP sanitary conditions. Finished require refrigerated transport and storage.

Equipment performance status :

1. Raw materials: New milk (this food processing machinery is very suitable for goats milk, camel milk and other small specialty dairy products).

2. End products: glass, PET bottles, composite bag finished pasteurized milk.

3. Processing capacity: 25 ~ 100 kg milk / hour (Depending on the device model and configuration, the maximum processing fruit production line capacity 25 kg / h; 50 kg / hour; 100 kg / hr)

4. Payback period: This line of less investment, relatively large line can recover the cost in a relatively short period of time.

5. Effective input: 25 kg ~ 100 kg milk / hour

6. Effective output; 25 kg ~ 100 kg finished pasteurized milk.

7. Ingredients: pure dairy products.

8. Sterilization methods: pasteurization, heat sterilization. (Pot groups sterilization, according to need to select combinations)

9. Terminal Packaging: 200ml ~ 500ml glass bottles, PET bottles, plastic bag.

10. Expected yield: about 25 to 100 kg / h

Process of food processing machinery :

Temporary - Filter - deployment - pasteurization - aseptic filling - product packaging - cold storage
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