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Product Details
Multi-Function Pillow
Multi-Function Pillow
Multi-Function Pillow
Multi-Function Pillow
Multi-Function Pillow
This versatile pillow provides ultimate comfort at home.

It’s comfy in bed, on couch for reading or watching TV.

It is filled with high density foam and is covered with Jacquard fabric.

The ergonomically contoured shape is designed to fit the natural curves of your body and legs, cradling you in comfort.

Elevate your legs with this support cushion for better circulation and comfort.
Helpful for anyone who experiences leg discomfort or pain due to varicose veins.
Ideal for lumbar support and back support.


9 out of 10 women suffer from swollen legs or varicose veins

GreySa leg wedge pillow / backrest/knee support/ semi-upright support designed according to the curve of legs. Which may match closely to mid-calf and relief pressure

Moderate hardness which won’t cause local numbness and rash result from skin compression.

Lift your leg for 30 minutes before go to bed every night

Relief the discomfort results from prolonged wearing of high heels, standing, and sitting.

This may also be used as backrest and perfect for watching TV or reading on bed.

Applicable to:

educational institution faculty staff, department store sales promoters, beauticians& hairdressers, flight attendants& ground staff, hospital staff, women in pregnancy, postpartum women, model, actor/actress, salesperson, athlete, sales clerk, restaurant servers, administrative staff ......those long term sitting and standing people and those male/female who tend to have leg swollen and varicose veins.


Patent No.: 【Taiwan】M351692

      【China】ZL 2009 2 0300134. X

Origin: Taiwan
Material: one piece High Resilience Foam (bounce)
Dimensions: 60(L)x48(W)x30(H)cm (±2cm)
Pillow Case Color: Matte Gold,Romantic Pink,Silver Grey,Heart Fleece,Light Green
Pillow Case Material:

【Case】Exclusive Design GreySa Jacquard Fabric (60%Cotton+40%Polyester)
【Case】Exclusive Design GreySa Heart Fleece Fabric(100% Polyester)

【lnner Cover】Water repellent/Waterproof (100% Nylon fabric)

Weight: 1.45kg

Applicable Height: 155~175cm Males&Females

Main benefits: Leg Lifting, Backrest,Semi-upright,Support

Additional Gift: GreySa Gift-Wrap available
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