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Top Roller
Top Roller
The top roller installed at the both sides of the tin bath can effectively control the width and thickness of the gross glass ribbon.
The main technical index:
The thickness of glass sheet:1.0-25mm
The horizontal oscillative angle of head: ±19℃
The accuracy of heads oscillative angle: ±0.1℃
The speed of rotating coil of head: 10-1500m/h
The accuracy of coil-speed of head: ±0.01%
The radial direction run-out should be no more than 0.2mm
The accuracy of heads pressed-depth: ±0.1mm
The biggest depth for head (inside the bath): 2000mm
The longest distance of machine frame for lifting up and down: 100mm
The accuracy of machine frame for lifting up and down: ±0.1mm
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