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TechnologyWaterMicronWorld International Atmospheric Water Generation Technology, Using the humidity in the atmosphere to generate water from 15 liters up to a maximum of 5,000 liters per day.
BrandAWG-Water From AirTagsAtmospheric Water Generators
Red Bull 250mlOrigin: AustriaText: English / Chinese/ German/ French/ Rusian/ Spanish/ ITFlavor:optional,fruit juice,coconut flavor,milk flavor,coffee flavorType: Energy DrinkCans ...
BrandRedBullTagsEnergy Drinks, RedBull Energy Drinks 250ml, RedBull, drinks
At Pakco International Co., Ltd. it all starts with the right support tea,. All of our employees have extensive backgrounds in storage tank fabrication, specialty steel fabrication and field construction services.
BrandLambdaTagssteel tank, filtration tank, customized steel tank, specialty steel tank
Fluid Ejectors are constructed of corrosion-resistant. PVC are specifically designed for water treatment applications. The ejector cartridge is chemically bonded inside the housing for year of trouble-free services.
BrandLambdaTagsEjector, Fluid ejector, chemical ejector
48 belt drive fan can deliver a high rate of flow 22,000 cfm at low operating cost. The Airfoil propeller and nozzle are designed to operate at an optimum rpm, in which they can move more air per watt than conventional fans.
BrandLambdaTagsCirculating fan, exhaust fan, industrial fan, fan
Lambda Low Speed Surface Aerator is an ideal aerator for oxygen transfer in a wide range of wastewater treatment and extended aeration. The aerator had rotating turbine, which is operated at a low speed, i.
BrandLambdaTagsLow speed surface aerator, surface aerator, aerator, low speed aerator
Lambda aspirating aerator is an efficient aerator to be installed in aerating tanks, basins, aerated lagoons and rivers/canals for municipal and industrial waste water treatment. T...
BrandLambdaTagsaspirating, aerator, aspirating aerator