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Thermal Stability Test Equipment
Thermal Stability Test Equipment
Thermal stability test equipment is mainly used to apply DC supply between constant current 2mA~20A for SPD and varistors through continuously monitoring the current and surface temperature. The equipment can check whether it reaches thermal equilibrium and the disconnector is in operation or not.
Major parameters
(1) The output voltage up to 1500V, DC ripple factor is not more than 5%.
(2) The output current: 2mA-20A, four gears: 2-20mA, 20-200mA, 200mA-2A, 2A-20A. Current deviation: ±10%.
(3) Voltage regulating mode: regulators adjust the voltage by electricity and the current control keeps stable through negative feedback.
a) This equipment can display voltage and current measured value automatically and make a real-time curve on the computer interface.
b) This equipment can be used for automatic product test and relieve the operators’ labor strength, and improve the objective accuracy of test.
c) This equipment can measure the temperature precisely with K-series electrical coupling (imported Omega products).
d) High voltage protection: red and green lights indicating the status, scramming button, the door interlock.
e) The test area has organic glass cover and safety interlock.
f) The main loop of the equipment has fuses for the over current protection to ensure safety.
g) The casting of control cabinet is grounding and test circuit always grounds at one end.
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