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Product Details
Dry strength agent
Dry strength agent

Product introduction
Dry strength agent can be widely used in papermaking of packaging paper, household paper, newsprint, cultural paper and other paper. It can effectively improve the paper folding strength, bursting strength, stiffness, ring crush strength and so on. On papermaking system with much anionic impurities or high electrolyte concentration, the effect is particularly evident. At the same time it has retention effect to flake fine and filler can reduce the loss of fibers and linting and dusting phenomenon. It can produce enough dry strength and allows the use of inexprensive fiber or a higher proportion of secondhand fiber.

Physical properties
Appearance: colorless or light yellow viscous liquid
Charge types: amphoteric ion (cation)
Solid content: 15% ± 1%
Viscosity: 7000 ± 3000 mpa.s (25 ℃)
PH value: 3.5 ± 1
Water solubility: soluble in cold water
Guaranteed quality period: 3 months (5 ℃ -35 ℃, avoid direct sunlight)

Main features
1. Improve the tensile strength, stiffness, ring crush strength, bursting strength, folding endurance and other physical index.
2. Improve retention rate of the fine fiber and filler and drainage performance.

1. First, adding 2 / 3 of the water to the container. Under the mixing state slowly added to the product (product viscosity is high, do not pour off at one time).When the strength agent is completely dissolved and diluted, the surplus water can be added. According to work field conditions, more than 10 times of dilution is recommended.
2. Adding point: on the pump inlet or pressure screen entrance.
3. Adding volume: 8-15 kg solution per ton of paper, or according to production.

Package, transportation and storage
1. The product is suitable for indoor storage, not near a heat source, direct sunlight or freezing.
2. The period of storage is at most three months. It can be regarded as non-dangerous goods in transportation and storage.
3. Plastic drums package, Package specifications should depend on the conditions of the customer’s field.
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