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PVDF raw material
PVDF raw material can be used in coating for aluminum, galvanized steel, aluminized steel, lithium ion battery binders, PVDF tubes, PVDF pipes, PVDF sheet, PVDF valve, for extrusion molding or injection molding.
PVDF raw material be made by VDF(vinylidene fluoride), PVDF can mixed with acrylic resin, additive, and become superior performance baking PVDF fluorocarbon coating, It can not be eroded by acid, alkali, strong oxidant, halogens, good durability to aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohol, aldehyde etc. In the work of hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, dilute alkali liquor, dense alkali liquor(40%) and 100deg.C temperature, its performance keep
stable. Others, PVDF finished products has the properties of y-Ray resistant, UV resistant, and durability in wide temperature range.
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