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Caffeine anhydrous (without water) is the processed, dehydrated form of caffeine. It’s becoming an increasingly popular supplement among athletes and those with specific weight l...
BrandVan AromaTagsCaffeine
This product is made from clove as raw material. And further processed to become Eugenol 99%+CAS No : 97-53-0EC No : 202-589-1FEMA No : 2467JECFA No : Olfactive Profile : Spicy, pu...
BrandVan AromaTagsEugenol 99%, Clove, Clove Oil
This product is made from clove as raw material. And further processed to become Eugenyl Acetate.Eugenyl Acetate / 乙酸 丁香酚酯 / オイゲニル アセテート / Acétate ...
BrandVan AromaTagsEugenyl Acetate, Clove
CAS No : 84238-39-1 ; 8014-09-3EC No : 282-493-4FEMA No : 2838JECFA No : Olfactive Profile : Earthy, camphoraceous, woody, minty, muskyProduct Synonyms : sumatera, light, iron free, IF, patcha euli, minyak nilam,.
BrandVan AromaTagsPatchouli Oil Sumatra Iron Free Min 30 PA, Patchouli Oil
CAS No : 1139-30-6EC No : 214-519-7FEMA No : 4085JECFA No : 1575Olfactive Profile : Woody, amber, Terpenic, Floral, FruityProduct Synonyms : 4,12,12-trimethyl-9-methylene-5-oxatricyclo[8.
BrandVan AromaTagsCaryophyllene Oxide, Caryophyllene
CAS No: 8007-12-3 ; 84082-68-8EC No: 282-013-3FEMA No: 2653JECFA No: -Olfactive Profile: Sweet, fresh, spicy, warmProduct Synonyms: minyak phuli pala, macis oil, mace oil east indian, minyak bunga pala.
BrandVan AromaTagsMace Oil
CAS No: 103-26-4EC No: 203-093-8FEMA No: 2698JECFA No: 658Olfactive Profile: Fruity, balsamic, similar to strawberry.Product Synonyms: cinnamate, Methyl Cinnamate, Methyl cinnamate...
BrandVan AromaTagsNatural Methyl Cinnamate
CAS No: 8007-02-1EC No: 289-752-0FEMA No: 2624JECFA No: -Olfactive Profile: Fresh, lemony, earthy, strong, pungent, sweet, grassy, sharpProduct Synonyms: minyak sereh dapur, minyah serai dapur, lemon grass, aromatherapy, flavor.
BrandVan AromaTagsLemongrass Oil, Sereh, Serai
CAS No: 121-33-5EC No: 204-465-2FEMA No: 3107JECFA No: 889Olfactive Profile: Sweet, vanilla like, balsamic, pleasant, slightly caramelProduct Synonyms: crystals, powder, Methylprot...
BrandVan AromaTagsNatural Vanillin ex-Clove Oil, Vanillin, Clove
CAS No: 84082-68-8 ; 8008-45-5EC No: 282-013-3FEMA No: 2793JECFA No: -Olfactive Profile: Spicy, terpenic, sweet, warm, woodyProduct Synonyms: safrol, safrale, safrole, saffrole, mi...
BrandVan AromaTagsNutmeg Oil Safrole Free, Nutmeg Oil, Nutmeg
CAS No: 106-24-1EC No: 203-377-1FEMA No: 2507JECFA No: 1223Olfactive Profile: Sweet, rose-like, citrus, green, floralProduct Synonyms: geraniol natural (ex citronella), trans-3,7-D...
BrandVan AromaTagsGeraniol Natural 85%, Geraniol, Essential Oil
CAS No: 57082-24-3FEMA: 2252EINECS: 260-555-1Olfactive Profile : Woody , fruity, sweet, slightly dry, spicyProduct Synonyms: acetylation, acetylization, derivative, synthesis, cary...
BrandVan AromaTagsCaryophyllene Acetate, Caryophyllene
In Van Aroma, we specialize in producing cocoa extracts using food grade alcohol. The extract is then concentrated into fine liquid cocoa with a strong chocolaty aroma, chocolate color and deep, rich flavour.
BrandVan AromaTagsCocoa Extract
Vetiver is a parennial grass that shares a lot of its characteristics with other fragrant grasses like lemongrass, citronella and palmarosa. However unlike these plants, vetiver oil is extracted from the plant’s roots rather tan its leaves.
BrandVan AromaTagsVetiver Oil, Vetiveryl Acetate
This product is made from clove as raw material. And further processed to become Eugenol USP Natural 99.5%.Eugenol USP Natural 99.5% / Eugenol / 丁香酚(99.5%) / オイゲノール USP ナチュラル 99.5% / Eugénol naturel USP 99.
BrandVan AromaTagsEugenol USP Natural 99.5%, Clove, Clove Oil
CAS No: 84961-50-2 ; 68917-29-3EC No: 284-638-7FEMA No : 2252Olfactive Profile: Spicy, clove, woodyProduct Synonyms: tops, cheap, EFCLOTER, 920, Clove Terpenes 920, crude, minyak fraksi daun cengkeh.
BrandVan AromaTagsClove Oil, Clove, Cengkeh, Clove Terpenes
CAS No: 84238-29-9 ; 8016-96-4EC No: 282-490-8FEMA No : -Olfactive Profile: Woody, smoky, earthy, herbaceous and spicy, sweet, caramelProduct Synonyms: rectified, redistilled, ligh...
BrandVan AromaTagsVetiver Oil
Massoia Bark (Cryptocaria massoia) oil is being used in seasoning, traditional medicine and fragrance ingredient. C-10 Massoia lactone is a major constituent of its essential oil w...
BrandVan AromaTagsMassoia Bark Oil
Dipterocarpus Oleoresin Balsam / Minyak Keruing - Copaene / bálsamo de gurjun (Copaene) / Baume Gurjun foncé (Copaene) / ガージュン ダーク - コパエンOlfactive Profile...
BrandVan AromaTagsGurjun Dark – Copaene
Dipterocarpus Oleoresin Balsam / 古芸香脂油 / ガージュン ライト - コパエン / Baume Gurjun Clair - Copaene / Bálsamo de gurjun redestilado - Copaene / Minyak Kerui...
BrandVan AromaTagsGurjun Light - Copaene