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NPK 12-12-17 is a kind of compound fertilizer, the appearance is generally granular, the colors are different due to different processes.The main raw material have ammonium sulphat...
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Coated urea has three types mainly,1. Just coated for good appearance2.Slow-release from 30 days to 180 days3. Controlled- release, for exactly release the nutrient.
NPK soluble fertilizer is one of the most popular fertilizer of our type.It can totally soluble in water, so it suit for any type of irrigation, and also can do as the leaf fertilizer.
DOWCROP Amino Acid Chelated micronutrients fertilizers which are exist as anion and cation, easy dissociation, to form insoluble matters, and difficult been absorbed by plants, the...
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DOWCROP Amino acid chelated Magnesium is an essential ingredient of chlorophyll, it develops a basic role in the photosynthetic process. This element is also one of the main cell e...
BrandDOWCROPTagsAmino Acid powder,chelated magnesium, EDTA Mg, micro nutrients fertilizer, drip irrigation fertilizer, organic fertilizer,
DOWCROP Amino Acid Chelated Manganese powder In agriculture used as micronutrient fertilizer, can be widely used as spraying fertilizer, Water flush fertilizer, drip irrigation fer...
BrandDOWCROPTagsamino acid powder, amino acid chelated Mg, EDTA Mg,micro nutrients fertilizer,organic fertilizer
DOWCROP Zinc chelation powder is the ingredient of enzyme in the plant body, and involved in auxin synthesis and metabolism of nitrogen. Plants be lack of zinc, the leaf green will...
BrandDOWCROPTagsamino acid powder, organic fertilizer, zinc chelation, edta zinc,drip irrigation fertilizer,micro nutrients fertilizer
Amino Acid Chelated Iron is an essential chemical element for the plant nutrition as it intervenes directly and indirectly in the formation of the chlorophyll (photosynthesis) and it is ingredient of several amino acids and proteins.
BrandDOWCROPTagsamino acid powder, chelated iron, edta Fe,organic fertilizer, drip fertilizer
The copper deficiency breaks out generally with a necrosis on the leaves tips, which become dark and wizened. The symptoms are more evident in the apical parts of plants and can vary according to the species.
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DOWCROP AMINO ACID POWDER is light yellow powder, excellent flowing, dissolve totally and instant, easy to wet. This product is amino acids also contain organic nitrogen, it is lea...
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We have coated urea of resin coated and sulphur-coated, more details please check the product image.
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Different methods of irrigation have the different demands to the form of fertilizer, but this totally soluble granular is appropriate for any method of irrigation. There is no res...
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【Product Description】Seaweed Extract is made from imported wild ascophyllum nodosum,adopting the patented seaweed extraction technology by the Institute of Oceanology, ChineseA...
BrandBLUE ENERGYTagsSeaweed extract, Seaweed extract powder, Seaweed extract flake, Seaweed fertilizer
Product Description1.COMMODITY: UREA2.PORT OF LOADING: TIANJIN, CHINA3.Specification:NAME:UREA GRANULARFORMULA: CON2H4CAS NO. 57-13-6SPECIFICATIONInspection ItemsInspection ItemsUnitUREA granularNN%≥46BiuretBiuret%≤1.
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Nitrogen (N)≥ 16% -18%Phosphorus (P)≥ 1%Potassium (K)≥ 1.5% - 3%.
BrandXINGYUANTagsAmino Acid fertilizer
Product name :Ammonium persulfate SpecificationIndex name Unit StandardsAssay  ≥ 98.5% Active oxygen ≥ 6.9%Residue after ignition(as SO4)≤ 0.02% chloride and chlorate(as CI) ≤ 0.001% Manganese(Mn) ≤ 0.
BrandChinaTagsammonium persulphate,ammonium persulfate,
Product Name : Potassium persulfateChemical Formula :K2S2O8Molecular weight : 270.31SpecificationAssay: 99.0%minActive oxygen :5.85% minChloride and chlorate(as CI) : 0.02%maxManganese(Mn): 0.
BrandChinaTagsPotassium persulphate , Potassium persulfate
Product Name : Nitrato de calcio  tetrahidrato (Calcium  Nitrate  Crystal Soluble fertilizer )CAS NO. 13477-34-4Chemical formule : Ca(NO3)2.4(H2O).Formule weight : 236.15Physico...
BrandChinaTagsNitrato Calcio Crist., Nitrato Calcio ,Nitrato Potasio Gran.,nitrato de calcio tetrahidrato
Ammonium sulfate fertilizer is a widely used inorganic soil supplement, composition of N is larger than 20.5-21%, especially suitable for alkaline soil. Its active ingredients are nitrogen and sulfur.
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Amino Acid80%Water Solubility100%PH4.8-5.1AppearanceBrown Yellow PowderHigh Grade Plant Source Amino Acid Powder contains 16-18 types of compound amino acid, as well as many other ...
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