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Phosphorus: 18% (Dry Basis)Calcium: 23%,Moisture: 3%,Fluorine < 700 PPMLOI: 22-26%Pure White standard free flow powder.
BranddcpTagsdcp, rock base dcp, dcp dihydrate powder, poultry feed supplements, cattle feed supplements
We are leading supplier of DiCalcium Phosphate for supplementing Cattle and Poultry Feed Rock Phosphate Origin. We are producing best quality of Sulphuric / HCL Acid and Rock Phosphate (BRP).
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Contact: Sapphire Liu E-mail: sapphire(at)engroup.cn Skype: sapphire201306 Definition of Unit (U/g) One Fungal Amylase unit is defined as the amount of enzyme which liquefies 1g of soluble starch per hour, at 40 ÂșC and pH 5.
BrandENOLZYMETagsFungal-amylase Animal Feed
Contact: Sapphire Liu E-mail: sapphire(at)engroup.cn Skype: sapphire201306 ENOLZYME Alfa-Galactosidase ENOLZYME Alfa-Galactosidase can effectively improve metabolic energy utilizat...
BrandENOLZYMETagsPoultry Feed A-galactosidase
Contact: Sapphire Liu E-mail: sapphire(at)engroup.cn Skype: sapphire201306 ENOLZYME Xylanase Xylanase is non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) enzyme, which can reduce viscosity of chyme.
BrandENOLZYMETagsFeed Grade Enzyme Xylanase
Phytase 5,000U/g-200,000U/g Obtain form Deep Liquid Fermentation technology. This product can degrade phytic acid into inositol, or phosphoinositide and phosphoric acid, eliminate ...
BrandENOLZYMETagsFeed Additives; Feed Enzymes; Enzyme Phytase
We Al Zayan Foods are manufacturer of fine quality poultry feeds products like MBM(meat cum bone meal)meat and bone meal. Dear Sir, Sterilized Meat & Bone Meal Is Well Sterilized With Highly Maintained Quality.
Brandal zayan foodsTagsmeat and bone meal
Gro-2-Max is a unique formula of bacterial strains in powder form that mixes with drinking water or feed for poultry for the improvement of digestive health, immunity, growth, feed conversion and egg quality.
BrandBioNatural America InstituteTagsprobiotics
Farm360 is an all-natural product. It is comprised of good bacteria and enzymes that break down organic solids and neutralize ammonia to eliminate odors and fly attractants, creating a healthier environment for livestock, poultry and pets.
BrandBioNatural America InstituteTagsCleanser