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Our Product is made from 100% Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette. Ash Content 4% or by requestAsh Color white.
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RAW MATERIAL : MANGROVEMOISTURE CONTENT : 6.51%ASH CONTENT : 3.57%VOLATILE MATTER : 38.44%FIXED CARBON : 51.48%SIZE : 3-25CM (Adjustable as request)MOQ : 20ft HC.
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Hard-Wood Charcoal of Acacia, Ayin, and Kosso woods produces from the South Western part of Nigeria, Always Ready for Export in minimum 30MT and in large Quantity.Product character...
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Our hardwood Charcoal lights faster and burns long. Our BBQ Charcoal gives that smokey flavor to barbecue fans.
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Now available:Raw cashew nuts in shell is naturally available from Cashew trees grown in Nigeria. Our nuts are nutrients filled seeds that directly enhance the development of human body and life.
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Our hardwood Charcol is the result of mixed wood charcoal from different sources, mainly from fruit trees, rubber trees and mangrove charcoal. The hardwood charcoal is our most pop...
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We are able to supply wood charcoal shipment by containers 40HC for following : 1. Mangrove Charcoal 2. Hardwood Charcoal Please contact us with your requirement.
We are the group of factories of wood charcoal. We have our own production lines in three regions of Russia. Factories product more 300 tonn, of good quality charcoal per month. We are not the reseller or diler.
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Shisha charcoal for smoking shisha is made from pure coconut shell charcoal, refining the complicated conditions. Thus, coconut shisha charcoal may be necessary to clean the user s...
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Coconut shell charcoal is produced with 100% pure clean material with ultra-clean coal technology Usages: used as raw materials for production of activated carbon, used in the rest...
BrandViet DeltaTagsCoconut Charcoal, Coco Charcoal, Coconut Coal, Charcoal, Shell Charcoal, Shell Coconut Charcoal
This charcoal have the most need of international charcoal market , and we have enrich experience on produce. Material: bamboo sawdust. Specifications: Ash: less than 3% Law moistu...
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There are so many coconut trees in Java island, Indonesia. All parts of the coconut tree can be used for useful things. Coconut shell has a high calorie burning. We produce good quality coconut shell charcoal briquettes.
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