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Shanghai Asin Optical Materials Co., Ltd

Company Introduction
Shanghai Asin Optical Materials Co., Ltd is a professional company for Evaporation materials, Sputtering target material, Ceramic material, Titanium products, Functional alloy material, Nano powder of rare earth oxides , rare earth polished powder , applied in optical coating, displays , semiconductors , solar energy , magneto-optical recording media , decoration and tools coating , chemicals , magnets and polishing fields.

We cooperate with well-known universities and scientific research institution, and was built by a team of senior engineers, is dedicated in developing new materials and technology, our team are very experienced in the field of evaporation materials, sputtering targets, titanium products and advanced ceramic.

At present our customers are wide spread in more countries like U.S, Germany, Japan, Korea and Thailand, including some famous enterprises and institutions of domestic and foreign research and company.

We always insist the business philosophy "credit as fundamental, quality for survival, services to win reputation and innovation for development", to supply high quality materials and good service to the global customers. We warmly welcoming new and old customers to inquire.

Our products include:

Silicon Monoxide(SiO) granule;1-3mm;2-4mm;3-5mm;8-40mm;99.99%

Silicon Dioxide(SiO2) granule;1-3mm;2-4mm;3-5mm;Φ25x10mm;Φ30x12mm; Φ18-30x7-18mm;Φ200-350x7-18mm; 99.99%

Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) granule; 1-3mm;2-4mm; Φ50-90x8-12mm; 99.99%

Magnesium Oxide (MgO) granule; 1-4mm;3-5mm;99.99%

Magnesium Fluoride(MgF2) granule; 1-3mm;3-5mm;3.5mm;5.0mm;99.99%

Tantalum Oxide(Ta2O5);1-3mm;3-5mm;Φ9x5mm;Φ10x10mm; Φ50-90x8-12mm; 99.99%

Titanium Sesquioxide(Ti2O3); 1-3mm;3-5mm;Φ9x5mm;Φ10x10mm;99.9%

Titanium Penoxide(Ti3O5); 1-3mm;3-5mm;Φ9x5mm;Φ10x10mm;99.9%

Titanium Monoxide(TiO); 1-3mm;3-5mm;Φ9x5mm;Φ10x6mm;99.9%

Titanium Dioxide(TiO2); 1-3mm;3-5mm;Φ9x5mm;Φ10x10mm;99.9%

Yttrium Oxide(Y2O3); 1-3mm;3-5mm;Φ9x5mm;Φ10x6mm;99.99%

Zinc Oxide (ZnO); 1-3mm;3-5mm;Φ9x5mm;Φ10x10mm;99.9%

Zirconium Oxide(ZrO2);1-3mm;3-5mm;Φ18x7mm;Φ22x13mm;Φ24x10mm;Φ18x12mm;Φ30x15mm;99.9%

Aluminum Fluoride(AlF3); 1-3mm;3-5mm;99.99%

Mullite pusher, Mullite sagger, Mullite tubes, Mullite brick

Pure Metal Targets: Al(99.9%); Si(99.999%);Ti(99.9%); Zr(99.9%);Cu(99.9%);Zn(99.9%);

Crucible: Quartz Crucible; Alumina Crucible; Boron Nitride Crucible; Graphite Crucible; Tungsten Crucibles; make per drawing..

Ceramic devices

PV Module
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