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UPCOM Telekomunikasyon Bilisim Teknolojileri Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi

Company Introduction
Upcom is a Turkish company and its Head Office is located in Turkey. Its broad range of product portfolio includes Fiber Optic & Copper Cables, Fiber & Copper Connectivity solutions for data center, Network equipments and Outdoor Field 19” Cabinets. We are the exporting member of associated Turkish fiber optic cable manufacturer, 19″ Rack Cabinet Manufacturer, cable blowing machine manufacturer located in Turkey. Also we supply with Fiber Optic & Copper connectivity products. Quality proven Fiber optic cables, 19″ Rack Cabinets and Fiber Cable Blowing Machines are manufactured in Turkey/Europe are as per national and International Standards. Upcom’s mission is to provide its customers with reliable, modern and cost effective networking solutions. Upcom is supplying turnkey solutions under a single brand along with Fiber Optic and Copper Connectivity products such as Pigtail, Patch Cord, adaptor, attenuator, media converters, MPO cassettes, MPO / MTP trunk cables, splitters, dome closures, in-line closures, ftth boxes and outlets, fiber optic termination boxes, fusion splice protectors, modular plug, keystone jack etc..

Upcom is aggressive, straightforward oriented global supplier of Fiber and Copper connectivity products. We are committed to provide our customers with cost effective and reliable networking solutions that keeps them step forward from their competitors and puts them one step closer to future.

Upcom has presence in most sophisticated global markets, in Europe, Nordic Countries and Middle East.

We are focused on providing quality proven and certified products by UL, ETL, CPR, CE, REACH & RoHS, ISO 9001 etc.. Connection technology components are in compliance with international standards and meet the highest standards and are used worldwide.

Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturer of Turkey & Europe

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We aim to serve the optical fiber infrastructure of our country and the countries abroad that are continuously improving in terms of communication. We are one of the leading firms manufacturing both Tight Buffer Fiber Optic Cables in Turkey and Europe. Our product range specifically covers several types of FTTA, FTTH, Distribution, Breakout, MPO MTP Trunk cables, Riser Cables, Patch and Industrial Fiber Optic cables that are appropriate for direct termination, distribution and indoor fiber optic cable infrastructure. Probably the most capable and competitive fiber optic cable producer among all fiber optic cable manufacturers in Europe..

Our Fiber Optic Cable supplying activity has been started in year 2007 and each and every year investing to develop new products at lower cost. Focused more on export sales from year 2013 onwards. Since then, we have been increasing our export capacity. Therefore achieving its goals for sales revenues. This achievement in goals has been helping UPCOM to improve its technical capabilities in terms of product range and production capacity as one of our company policy. Recently exporting throughout many countries around the world with highly respected partners.

Our staff with over 20-years of experience in Fiber Optic Industry. Our staff is fully aware to build a product line which is a mark of our brand’s quality and reputation. Consequently, we wish to design and produce cables that maximize the customer satisfaction. Moreover we are striving to contribute to a society where every citizen has access for fast, reliable and high quality communications network from wherever they live and work.

First choice among fiber optic cables manufacturers in Turkey.

19″ Rack Cabinets Manufacturer of Turkey

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We have been established In 1990 as a sheet metal shop. Afterwards, started the producing 19 rack cabinets as the first company in Turkey. We are increasing our production capacity of the State-of-the-art. Recently we invested and launched a new production area with a wide open space of 10,000 square meters and 3500 m2 closed area in Duzce.

The oldest and most experienced producer among 19″ Rack Cabinets manufacturers in Turkey. Not limited to rack cabinets but outdoor cabinets, IP55 free standing cabinet with air condition and without, also tailor made products are available within the capability.

First and Only Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machine Manufacturer of Turkey

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We have been active in machinery manufacturing sector since 1989. Superior service quality and customer satisfaction always come first for our company since its establishment until today and it has been continuing to be one of the leader companies in its sector.

In addition to Cable Blowing Machine we are manufacturing a wide range of machinery.

Our services include manufacturing of machinery spare parts and complete machinery, storage of machinery spare parts, developing machinery parts in use, developing machinery systems and eliminating failures.

Because we have adopted quality, time and reliability as principle during our dialogs with our customers, we have achieved the success to be an EXCLUSIVE SUPPLIER as a company, which always have been preferred by our customers. Cable Blowing Machine is one of our main product only.

Data Center Environmental Monitoring & Control Solutions

Data center environmental monitoring & control systems is only a part of UPCOM’’s mission along with many other networking products. Upcom is to offer high-end solutions to secure your DATACENTERS’ and REMOTE SITES’ IT infrastructure for maximizing UPTIME backed by the vision for maintaining the ENERGY EFFICIENCY. Upcom is the smart solutions vendor for your data center environmental monitoring solutions, power distribution units and energy management needs in your data centers and multi-branch IT enterprise infrastructures, telecom cellular – satellite – broadband wireless and similar type of remote sites and offering its customs the best environmental monitoring system for data center.

Upcom is focusing to offer high-end solutions which will secure your IT infrastructure against data loss due to environmental parameters and manage your energy systems effectively. Based on this while continuously updating its current generic product line, Upcom frequently presents new solutions to the market to meet the IT energy efficiency and system operability challenges to maximize uptime. Bespoke software and hardware solutions for particular IT and Telecom projects are one of the core businesses of Upcom as well.


Except Connectivity products, all our products are manufactured in Turkey with the state of the art approved facilities to meet and even exceed the customer expectations by the latest international standards. Those international standards are IEC, ISO/IEC, TIA/EIA, ITU-T and Telcordia GR-326-Core.

UPCOM is a solid partner and focused on further market penetration, internationalization and expansion. What is more, the high availability of all products is ensured through a multifaceted distribution network.

Standards and Compliances

compliance standard
Upcom provides only the best performed connectivity products, end to end connectivity solutions featuring a full range of innovative products engineered to make your network better, over its whole life. Our components are manufactured in state of the art approved facilities to meet and even the customer expectations by the latest international standards as published by organizations such as IEC, ISO/IEC, TIA/EIA, ITU-T and Telcordia GR-326-Core.
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