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Yantai Zhengyuan Polyurethane Co.,Ltd.

Company Introduction
Established in 2007,Yantai Zhengyuan Polyurethane Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicating to the research, production and sales of urethane elastomer. With the most advanced polyurethane products producing equipment in China and a group of professional and technical personnel engaged in polyurethane industry for many years, the company can design and manufacture various products of high-precision polyurethane by good material, perfect processing and advanced formula according to customer's need.
Our company began to invest in the pneumatic components industry in 2010 and has a complete line of producing and testing facilities.
Adhering to the business philosophy of “ the quality wins the market and the honesty molds the brand ”, our company has won the approval and praise from both the domestic users and the overseas buyers especially in North America and Europe to whom our products are exported.
Most of our products are listed as following:
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Ball Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Bar Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Belt
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Block Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Bumper
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Cable Cover Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Cable Protector
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Car Window Film Squeegee Blade
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Car Window Film Scraper
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Carefree Tire
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Caster Wheel
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Chock
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Chock Block
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Chute Liner
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Classifier Shoe
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Cleaner
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Cleaning Blade
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Coated Bolts
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Coated Steel Wire Screen
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Coil Storage Cradle
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Coil Storage Pad
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Coil Storage Saddle
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Compliant Wheel
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Conveyor Belt Scraper
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Conveyor Belt Skirting Belt
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Conveyor Belt Skirting Board
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Conveyor Belt Skirting Strip
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Conveyor Holding Fixture
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Conveyor Rollers
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Conveyor Wheel
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Cord Cover
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Cord Protector
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Coupling Insert
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Crown Bar
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Crowned Wheel
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Curved Sieve Bends
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Cutting Stick
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Dewatering Screen Deck
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Drive Rollers
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Drive Wheel
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Expanded Metal Back Sheet
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Extruded Rod
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Fabric Back Sheet
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Fastening Block
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Feed Roller
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Feed Wheel
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Filp Flow Screen Mat
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Flat Free Tire
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Folding Rollers
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Foam Wheel
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Friction Rollers
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Gasket
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Gear Wheel
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Handtruck Wheelbarrow Tire
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Harvesting Wheel
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Head Oil Seal
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Hook Strip Screen
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Hose Protector
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Hydrocyclone Seperator
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Idler Roller
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Impact Bar
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Impeller Wheel
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Index Rollers
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Laminating Roller
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Liner Sheet
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Liner
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Lanyard Switch Cable Bracket
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Load Wheel
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Marine Towing Wire Protector
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Marine Towing Wire Sleeve
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Marine Towing Wire Shoe
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Mining Industry Chock
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Modular Screen Panel
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Nip Rollers
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) No-crush Wheel
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Oil Seal
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Pallet Wheel
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Pinch Roller
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Pipe Chock
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Pipe Protector
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Pipe Roller
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Pipe Wedge
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Pipeline Pig
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Plain Back Sheet
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Pneumatic Tube(hose,pipe)
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Pull Rollers
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Ring
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Rod
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Roller Scraper
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Safety Lock Nuts
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Scraper
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Scraper Blade
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Screen Printing Squeegee
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Separator Wheel
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Shock Absorber
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Slurry Pump Wheel
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Snow Plow Blades
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Snow Tyre Chain
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Soft Touch Wheel
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Solid Tire
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Speed Hump
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Spray Bar Shield
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Spray Deflector
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Spring Bushes
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Star Wheel
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Stop Block
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Stripper
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Tensioned Screen Panel
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Transfer Roller
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Trommel Screen
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Tube Protector
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Tubeless Wheel
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) V-Rollers
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Volute Liner
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Washer
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Wear Resistant Sheet
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Wheel Block
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Wheel Chock
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Wheel Nut Indicator
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Wheel Wedge
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Wire Protector
Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Woven Wire Mesh Screen
Pneumatic Connector Pneumatic Control Valve Pneumatic Cylinder
Pneumatic Filter Pneumatic Hose Pneumatic Joint
Pneumatic lubricator Pneumatic Muffler Pneumatic pressure gauge
Pneumatic Pipe Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Pneumatic Sprayer
Pneumatic Tool Pneumatic Tube Pneumatic Water Valve
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