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Yancheng Huaou Industry Group Co.,Ltd.

  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Main MarketsWorldwide
  • Main Productslaboratory glassware, lab glassware, labware, scientific glassware, beaker, pipette, bottle, test tube, microscope slide, flask, burette, condenser, morter, reagent bottle, measuring cylinder, volumetric flask, graduate, conical measure, specimen jar, specimen bottle, conical flask, boiling flask, erlenmeyer, culture flask, serum bottle, sodium chlorite,
  • EntrepreneurChen Ru Zhu
  • Employees455
  • RegionChina
  • CategoryChemicals - Lab Supplies
  • MashupChina Chemicals - China Lab Supplies
  • RelatedBorosilicate Glass - Microscope Slides - Test Tube
Company Introduction
Yancheng Huaou Industry Group Co.,Ltd. is the leading, largest, very famous laboratory glassware manufacturer and exporter in China, the main products are including followings:
Beaker,Microscope slides, Glass test tubes, measuring cylinders, reagent bottles, volumetic flasks, graduate, conical measures, test tubes, microscope slides, Boiling Flasks, Nitrogen Flasks, Conical Flasks, Iodine Flasks, Distilling Flasks, Retorts, Evaporating Dish, Crystallizing Dish, Watch Glass, Petri Culture Dish, Distilling Tubes, Many Kinds Of Condensers, Centrifuge Tubes, Stopcock , Stirrer Rod , Weighing Bottles, Gas Washing Bottles, Drying Tubes,Desiccators, Gas Generators, Bell Jars, Alcohol Lamp, Mortars, Pneumatic Trough, Aspirator Bottles, Filtering Flasks, Culture Flasks,Dropping Bottles, Dropping Pipettes, Specimen Jars, Specimen Bottles Washing Bottles, Funnel, Dropping Funnel, Separatory Funnel, Measuring Pipette,Burette, Automatic Burette , Micro Burette, Extraction Apparatus, Distilling Apparatus, Specific Gravity Bottles, Colorimeter Tubes, Viscosity Pipettes, Filtering Flasks, Distilling Flasks Etc.
Presently we have an electric melting furnace of borosilicate glass (material 3.3), an electric melting furace of neutral high white material glass, an environmental friendly brown glass crucible furnace, 4 mechanized production lines of beaker and test tube, etc. More over, we are well equipped with all kinds of technical tools (lathe and grinder), standard measuring center and inspection center.
Our factories are well known for its strict control on quality. Our "Huaou" brand is the China Well-Known Trademark of laboratory glassware products which is issued by the Chinese government (State Administration for Industry & Commerce Of the People's Republic Of China) several years ago, it is the big honor and till now it is exclusive in all of laboratory glassware manufacturers in China.
We are ready and will be glad to receive the inquiry from the customers, we are confident for the customers' satisfaction for our high quality products with lower prices. OEM requests from the customer is welcome.
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